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    Monday, March 25, 2013

    Ciao, come stai? *Hello, how are you? in Italian*

    I must say, I really do love the Italian language. Some say it is the language of love and some may disagree but generally the language itself is really beautiful. After reading a book last night about a girl's journey to Italy and how she was swept off her feet by an Italian stranger and fell deeply in love, plus having my Italian lecture this morning, I felt like everything and every detail that I've read about came to life.

    I really feel like visiting these places and have an adventure of my own and speaking their beautiful language and getting to know the people there and it's culture and it's amazing food. Not sure when any of that will come true but I sure do want to dream about it and hopefully live through the adventure one day (: Imagined to walk around in a city filled with historical qualities and little alley ways with uneven bricks and tiles and stranger calling out to you "Ciao bella!"or on vespas gliding through the wind and just feel like you belong even for that split second. And not to mention eating pizza and pasta from where it came best!

    Learning a new language is so fun! And did I mention I love the way the pronunciation of the Italian language? It never fails to excite me week after week (: And I am having a vocabulary test this Wednesday. I hope I do enjoy it!

    So.. the weekend.., it was more like a Japanese weekend for me. Both of our meal that we ate out was japanese (: Well... if any of you know me well enough, I love lovee LOVE my japanese food!! So of course the past weekend was a great weekend to me :D

    Spent the Friday indoors with the boyfriend. Caught up with runningman, slept, cooked my signature meehoon and then watched another movie and that was my friday.

    Saturday, spent the beginning half of the day watching Arrow on his desktop and the comfy office chair and then decided to head out for dinner. It has been awhile since we did a dinner date together and I really didn't want to spend my weekends being stuck in MA for most of the time. So yeap.. decided to have Japanese dinner at Carnegie!

    We went to Shyun simply because I wanted to :D It has been a really really long while since we went there and I was also craving for the good ol' japanese meal.. We got there about 620pm or so and it was already starting to fill up.

    Could have gotten there 15 minutes earlier but we were too busy talking till we missed the stop and had to get down the next stop and take the train back again. Second time ever in my Melbourne life history that I actually missed a stop. First time was because I fell asleep and this time was because for some reason we decided to talk talk and I just very conveniently forgotten to look at where we were. Which is very unlike me tho.., because I am usually the one who looks out where we are and tell people to get off when we should. HEHE my bad!

    Shyun used to be a rather small Japanese cafe on Koornang Rd in Carnegie and it is run by japanese peeps and literally almost everyone working in there were japanese that always greets you hello and goodbye and thank you in japanese. I suddenly couldn't remember what hello was but I do know what thank you is, "arigatou gozaimashita" :DD And they have this really friendly old japanese chef that smiles at you all the time and has this "I am really grateful for having you dining with us" kind of look and has a really cute way of preparing sushis.

    And now since this place became more and more popular, whether it being amongst asians or aussie, they've extended the back of their shop to make more room for customers and even with the extension, they always have a queue outside for dinners on weekends.

     And they also have a new advanced way of ordering. Which is to order through the iPad. I mean it isn't exactly advanced but didn't quite expect it from this little cafe tho..

    We were on a splurging mission to order anything but with a budget of $25 each. Ok.. to some that may not be splurging but to us it was because we had plans for the next day as well. Which means can't use too much on one day and one meal.

    The boyfriend ordered the Salmon Sashimi Don! The sashimi were really fresh! I was like super impressed by the boyfie cause he was never a raw fish/sashimi person before we got together and now, he finished the whole bowl to himself! And that made me proud for training him so well! Aiya... what can you expect, I totally totally love my salmon sashimi and orders it everytime we go for japanese food, so of course he would have to pick up the liking as well lah right :P

    I ordered their Salmon Lover. It's a summer special. Vinegar-ed rice wrapped in salmon sashimi topped with salad, tempura salmon and salmon ikura and drenched with a special tasting sauce(that has sesame, soy sauce, wasabi and some idk what spicy mustard like sauce). It was seriously soooo good! All the salmon-y goodness!

    We then ordered their Shyun Roll to share.

    And ordered the homemade Japanese cheesecake! My favourite kind of cheesecake! Absolutely loveee japanese cheesecake, especially the Hokkaido ones!

    We also ordered tamago sushi to share and the total bill came to $50. Ngam ngam $25 each :DD

    Then we went over to Safeway for some grocery shopping and was then set to go back home and continue on with what we usually do on weekends. Him gaming, me ebaying, onlining, watching series, watching runningman, etc.

    The sun disappearing sky taken from one side of Carnegie train station.

    The road taken. Every weekend without fail, this is where I'll pass by.


    Woke up at noon sharp and got ready to head out for our movie date (: The both of us took a bus to Glen Waverley for lunch and movie. For now, I guess we will head over to glen for our movie sessions because the boyfriend is somehow entitled to watch movies at $10 each from Telstra(from his broadband internet) but only at Village Cinemas which the nearest one to clayton is at glen. Only for movies before 5pm and not valid on Saturdays but good enough for us! Waiting for G.I Joe and Iron Man 3! (:

    But first, have to fill our tummy first before our 220pm movie :D

    Headed over to Ajisen Ramen. Which was suggested by the bf altho he was never keen on soupy things with exception of SS15 pork noodles, pepper soup and bak kut teh, so yeah I was a little shock that he suggested it altho in my mind it was sorta screaming for Ramen when I laid my first sight on the shop :P

    I've never had Ajisen Ramen in Malaysia and this would be my first time in aussie.

    His Tonkatsu Ramen.

    And my Paiku Ramen.

    They were both good! The broth was really nice as well! One minor thing that I may not have like as much was there were too much cabbage in it... If there were slightly lesser, I may have wiped clean my bowl. But generally, I really enjoyed it and never expected it to taste like that.., never expected it to taste better than normal! $24 for two bowls. I have slowly love eating ramen and once in a while I really do crave for a good bowl of ramen and this was up to par (:

    Then then after lunch, we went for our movie!

    So cute and funny!

    The whole show was so colourful and I really enjoyed it! Some moments it even brought me to a slight tear and made me cling on tight to the boyfie <3 I also had a good time trying really hard to guess whose voices were behind the characters :DD

    Was done with the movie in an hour and forty minutes and since there were still another half an hour to my train back to aunty D's, we went for Happy Cup! I love it when he already knows I want it and planned it in before heading back without me having to request it first :D

    Shared a large cup of grape fruit tea with pearls and grape jelly (:

    Then it was him sending me off to the train station and parted ways. He was gonna take a bus back to clayton and I took the train back into the city and then back to home. Don't matter how many times we've done this parting ways thing, every single time it stings me a little bit without fail. I always have this heavy heart of saying goodbye to him altho we both know that it is only a matter of 4 days till we see each other next..

    On the bright side, this coming weekend is the Easter weekend and so I'll be spending time will him till next weekend because it is my easter/semester break! :DD

    My outfit for the weekend! Love the pairing of a stripe maxi with a denim jacket! Also added a colourful pleated high waisted belt to add some life colours. And it fits right in with the current autumn weather! :)

    That was my very nice weekend!

    Oh oh and Ellen Degeneres is in Melbourne and having a show outdoor tomorrow at the Birrarung Marr Park (The one where moomba is held at, the one behind fed square) and I really do feel like going but going alone and squeeze with thousands of people sounds daunting... =/ I guess I have to forgo then.. ): Sobs..


    Now off to indulging myself into the italian language and buck up on my vocabulary for my test on wednesday (: And then to reading more books on my iPad before I go to bed! I am literally hooked on reading books with the iPad :D

    Ciao belli ragazzi e belle ragazze! *Bye nice guys and girls!*

    con amore,

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