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  1. Boyfie's Birthday! ♥

    Thursday, February 28, 2013

    Hey y'all!

    I am back to Aussieland! As much as I didn't want to, I still had to... And uni starts next Monday... Not fun leh... )): Seriously am dreading to be back to classes and crazy ass hectic study life. For now, I'll be chilling at the boyfriend's till the end of the week and hopefully going out everyday starting tomorrow to catch up with the peeps who are already here. Plus fernie is here for hols!

    I still have soooo many unpublished posts! The friends gatherings, CNY, food posts, last week in Malaysia...Will try to get it done latest by next week (: Since I am back in Melbourne, I am usually freer to post stuff on the blog. HEHE

    Wokays... The boyfriend's birthday! 23rd February,

    Nope I didn't plan anything big nor got him any birthday present yet. Most likely getting him some computer gadget thingy which will be getting from here, in Australia. Easier as it wouldn't have to go through the bumpy plane ride and risk being loose or spoiled.

    Managed to wish him Happy Birthday right when the clock struck 12am because he was in my house as my family were having a gambling session. I love gambling session with my family in KL because it is always without fail super fun and funny! And I love this year's one even more because we had it twice and twice the boyfriend was there (:

    I ended the session for myself earlier after I managed to lose my capital of RM35 while the rest went on till about 3 plus in the morning.

    Waited patiently till they finished cause I was eager to go out for supper and had to drag the whole bunch along with me to Kuchai Lama's late night dimsum! Was craving for their cheesy escargots!

    Yeaps all 10 of us including mum, uncle, aunty, cousins and the boyfriend went along :DD I know my family super onz sometimes which I super love!

    Dim Sum!!!

    YUMSSS! At RM2 for each escargots. Not expensive if it tastes goooood :P All the way to Kuchai Lama at 3 something in the morning for these!

    Was home by 5am and was dead tired. Straight went to bed and crashed for the night altho tummy was still super full. SO fattening but once in a blue moon is fineeee lah :P

    Dated the boyfriend at 11am to go out to Mid Valley for lunch but I ended up only leaving the house at 1240pm because I couldn't get up =X HEHE! Drove to his place and got him to drive my car and off we went to Mid Valley. Recently that's what I have been doing... I'll get him to drive me instead of me driving him after he renewed his license. I have been chauffeur driven so often recently :P And it feels good....! hehehe I made the birthday boy drive me out instead of me driving him :P

    Went to Hokkaido Ichiba in Gardens for lunch (: I prefer it more than zanmai now because in my opinion, I think zanmai lost its standard. I was not very pleased with the 1U one till it never came across my mind to go there for food whether is it pyramid or anywhere else anymore.

    wheee hello hello! 

    Hokkaido Ichiba meant "Hokkaido Market" or something like that. And I think this is the name of the restaurant? IF I am not mistaken. I may be totally wrong. HEHE

    Salmon Sashimi and Ikura Temaki.

    7 pieces Salmon Sashimi. No japanese food is complete without salmon sashimi!

    Cranky Salmon Roll.

    Fried Squid Tentacles.

    Hotate (Scallop) Mentaiki!! SO awesome weihhhhh! Introduced something new to the boyfie and he loved it as much as I did! Have always loved this since I ordered them from sushi zanmai last time (:

    And then I was flipping through the dessert menu and OMG everything looked so good!! SO good! I always always fancy cold desserts and certain kinds of cakes. ie. mud cake or cheesecakes especially the japanese cheesecakes!

    And so of course I HAD to order their Hokkaido cheese cake! Altho I didn't quite fancy the combo with matcha ice cream with red bean..., but I really really wanted to try their cheese cake and I think it was the only cheese cake item on the menu.

    Andddd... the cake was good! Matcha ice cream with red bean? Mehh so so..

    Also ordered one scoop of their Melon ice cream. OMG SO NICE! :DDD Loved it!! I ended up eating most of it cause the boyfriend knew I was like in love with it and he said "you eat lahh.. see you eat until so song". HEHE boyfie sho nice :D

    wheee happy tummy!

    Treated him to lunch as I haven't gotten him any pressie yet. Will get something for him soon! 

    He used to not fancy salmon sashimi or anything raw at all before this.., but now I have gradually trained him into liking sashimi. WHEEE :DDD Awesomest thing!

    After that we just went walking around Mid Valley and Gardens. Went to buy the Shilin XXL Chicken somemore.. The boi wanted to eat and he fancies it quite abit.

    Instead of me getting him a gift for his birthday, he bought me Valentines gift on that day pula. Super belated I know but he prefers to get something I really love than to guess whether I will love it or not. Sweeeet <3

    My new Thomas Sabo charm! A heart lock, key and a pinkish pearl. Love it!! All he said was.. "Just choose something you like.." Altho this wasn't cheap at all.. Awwww me love him!

    My current charm bracelet! Hen mei hor??? So nice right right?! :DDD Super mega love each and every one of it! Three charms contributed by the boyfriend and one from my mommy. And each of it means something special. So blessed to have all these love (:

    The heart charm formed by wings is so unique! And I love it!! The doves with a heart is from mum as doves symbolises love and peace. Love it too! The snowflakes charm is just simply something I have been wanting since like 4 years ago. The first three charms I got it for my 21st birthday gift last July including the bracelet from the boyfriend (: And lastly the new charm addition which I totally love as well! Basically I love all of them lah!! So niceeeeee :DD

    Headed home before 5pm to avoid any sort of jam plus we had dinner plans that night with my family. The boyfie was so close to not making it but thankfully he still managed to make it (: I was really eager to get him going because for one, he hasn't been before and secondly the place we were going to go after dinner, he hasn't been in like 4 years.

    All the way up to Bukit Tinggi for dinner! And all the way for this famous Prawn tang hoon aka glass noodle. Cooked in rice wine (wong jao/yellow wine) and tastes goooood! Loveeee the soup with the chinese cabbage! Makes the soup sweet! 

    Dinner is served!

    The usual routine after bukit tinggi dinners are to go up to Genting! And of course this time was no exception. Yeappp.. second time saying in this post, my family memang super onz! There were a total of 10 of us in two cars (:

    Managed to sneak into the casino very calmly. HEHE ((: And then temaned the boyfriend go see see look look around the casino as he has never been. The both of us always have a thing to just look around in casinos and observe how people play but we will almost never play ourselves.

    Then the whole bunch was out to have drinks at the bakery after about an hour plus inside the casino? Basically it was filled with super lots of lan dou guai and fierce gamblers that will scold you if you don't obey their rules and rich people and a hell loads of smokers. Literally felt my lungs weaken while I was in there altho the boyfie joined in the fun as well. Was pretty crowded as well. At least everytime I get into a casino, it would be an eye opener for me and I usually pick up a new game rule thanks to the bf who explains to me patiently because I am abit slow when it comes to getting things like this. Takes more than just one explanation. hehe I know I abit stupid HAHAH!

    Ordered their double hot chocolate at the bakery! :D I found this to be really cool. You just break the chocolate in the hot milk and stir it with a stirrer which has a chocolate spoon that melts as well. If you get what I mean. Refer to the second pic for the chocolate spoon thingy (:

    Sat there for sometime while the bf went back into the casino to gamble with my cousins. They went back for casino blackjack which they lost most of it. The first time the bf gambled in a casino but also not quite official as he just chip in some money for the cousins to play. Altho it wasn't much but losing was never fun.. At least the boyfie had a somewhat good time lah (: About 12 plus 1am, we left.

    It was a misty night!

    And then went down to Gohtong Jaya for supper before heading home.

    Awesome pan mee!! SO GOOD!

    The boyfie's har mee.

    Mum ordered their wantan mee which was awesome too! Basically everything on their menu was so niceeee!! Headed back down to home with a very very happy stomach! Full and super happy! :D

    Dropped tw off and was home about 4am? Crashed on the bed not too long after that.

    It was an awesome night! And a really nice day spent with the bf on his birthday (: Was really glad that he had a great time as well.. WHEEEE :DDDD

    The next day, I went out to dinner with his family at Taman Seputeh. Then after dinner, when we got back home, his sisters surprised him with a cake (: It was so cute seeing them run up and down with that small window of opportunity of him being in the toilet so that they could set up the cake.

    Happy Birthday Bii <3

    It was a nice small celebration with his family. Plus the cake was good! I hope he enjoyed his birthday this year (: Altho it wasn't much and I didn't really plan things into detail, I still hope he enjoyed it :D

    I still have other things to blog but I shall leave it to next time! Promise promise it won't be long till the next post.


    With love,
    Sher xoxo.

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