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    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    I am finally back to the blogging world! Happy Chinese New Year my fellow peeps!

    SO sorry for the 3 weeks delay... I have been super busy with "going out" and also super lazy on updating the blog. hehe sorry! Plus the boyfriend is home and I've been spending everyday with him except the chinese new year period which was the last 4 days because we are both at our own hometowns. And after seeing him at least once a day for the past 2 weeks of him being home, 4 days of not seeing seems so long... ): I have been missing him since.. HEHE

    Have really been trying to spend every possible time with the boyfriend and going out for food expedition to satisfy his two years of authentic malaysian food cravings. Okla I wouldn't phrase it as every possible time lah but we would make the effort of seeing each other once a day whether is it hanging out at his house or dinnering with either one of our families or just midnight yumcha/supper.

    I still do go out and live my kinda life but to be honest, I haven't really been catching up with the friends much. I think I should ask for a get together soon before I am being told that I spend too much time with the boyfriend.

    But at least I managed to have a small yumcha session with tim and his gf and chun kit right before chinese new year. It is really nice that even after times apart with the good friends, whenever we get together, things barely change. We are still the bunch that crap talks and bullshit all the way and still try to retain the friendship that we have built all these years. Altho people grow up and change in some way, we are still the same bunch of good friends like we've always have been. (:

    And also I have been really trying to spend as much time as I could with mum and family. Which is really nice. I am hardly back in Malaysia (if you count at least once a year to be "hardly back"), so of course I gotta make every moment count lah. Altho most of the time I do is eat and sleep and just laze around like a lifeless person, but yet overall I am living the life! No complains on that at all (:

    I do not DO NOT want to go back to uni and classes and exams lahhhhhhh!! Slightly less than two weeks before I head back to Melbourne with the boyfriend.. ):

    So yeah I've been juggling between family, boyfriend and friends. Like most people but I've been doing alright I hope? :DD

    I'll try to be back soon to update on whatever I have left out. But for now I will leave it for a while more first lah okay.. I have two big days to plan for and I am running out of time...

    I promise to be back soon!

    With Love,

    One bad thing about being home is that I've put on 2kgs! OMGGGGG I really need to shed it when I get back to Australia! But I guess all the good food was worth the weight that I've put on lah.. HAHA!

    p/s: I privated my blog for the last two weeks over some issue. But I have finally came into terms that this blog is my life journal and it isn't time to private it yet. I am not allowing you to be the reason I have to live my life in the dark. I am never allowing you to run my life at any point. Ever. Do whatever the f*** you want with your life but leave us out of it. Do me a small kind favour, please don't come back to us anymore. If you "care" enough like you've been saying, just leave. We are better off without you in so many levels. I have promised myself that you will no longer have a say in my life when you made the decision to walk out the door permanently 15 years ago. You are almost a nobody to me. So just do yourself a favour to stop being dislike by me, just walk away and leave us be. At least by leaving us be, I would still respect and thank you for respecting me. Don't come back to read about how I am doing. I will always be doing good in every aspect of my life. Know that, life without you is a better life for me and I am indirectly thanking you for walking out. So please, just leave us be. If we are still someone you cared for, you would respect what I want. Whatever may be for you in life, I do sincerely wish you the best of luck and do hope for the best for you but I want no part in it. We want NO PART in it. Just move on with life and live as though we were a past that ended with a bad mistake. Take guilt or pain in it or whatsoever but remember it is a mistake you've done that you can never ever mend anymore. Life is too short to be reminiscing about the past and the mistakes so I suggest you worry about your own problems involving your own family and life. We are neither your family or in your life anymore for you to bud in and think that all the mistakes you've done could ever be forgotten or erased. It will never be fixed. So just stop trying. Leave us as we are, happy, and don't make it any uglier. Leaving us be I really do mean US and not just me. Thanks but no thanks. You are not needed, will never be. Best wishes to you in your life.

    It is definitely good to be back writing again!

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