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  1. finally exam is over. i hope it'll be fine... fingers crossed! =D

    this is the whole "study scene" at 5am this morning.

    me studying while munching on smiths thai sweet chilli ♥ and him playing his game on the other side. this was my section for the past week when i was there. lappie, notes, drinks, food, accessories all there. ahah even had a roll of tissue paper because i was fluing like a leaky pipe.. ahah!

    received a present in the mail today. actually it was here for like a couple of days already but i just got home today. so yeapp..

    thank you love! ♥♥

    you know who you are.. i appreciate it so much! and you really didn't have to get me something so expensive. love you my dear friend! (:

    okay.. now i am off to some series and munching on a piece on chicken schnitzel. ciaoooo!

    lots of love,

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