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  1. the loy and nur tale =P

    Thursday, August 04, 2011

    this post was suppose to come up yesterday but.. was too tired. hehe

    anyhow, it was yao yun's birthday!

    went down to the city and had sorta a surprise dinner for her. it was the elephant and wheelbarrow pub at the corner of bourke and exhibition.

    VIP sudah datang ((:

    yao yun and christina.

    me, teck wei, yao yun, celine and loong.

    yao yun looked so cute last night with the PINK furry hat. =DD

    the food...

    my bangers and mash. $18

    teck wei and sheng loong both ordered their parma. $20

    celine's steak sandwich.

    Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate Gâteau

    the cake was super yummy lar.. it was from le petit gateau. i am definitely going back there for more cakes. ((:

    we left about 945pm. and then headed back to clayton. was back by 11pm. ended up just sitting there and only sleeping about 1 plus 2 i think.

    my dearest LOY!!♥♥

    hope you enjoyed last night. i am blessed to have you as my friend as well. ironically we weren't that close when we were in the same class in form 1 which happened to be the only year that we were placed together in the same class, but only grew closer the years after that. tho there were ups and downs but we are still who we are today, best friends.

    and i also dare say that you'll be having me in your life for a pretty long time! (: i hope you like the present.. something girly but i am sure now, nothing is girly to you anymore. haha! merry 20th birthday yao yun! me love you lotss! xx


    hehe my birthday present from celine! loveee it (((:

    okay now back to studying. oh nouuuuu exam tomorrow!! )))):


    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    p/s: the clearer pictures are credited to celine. the not-so-clear ones are from my iphone.. sobs

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