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    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    hey ya'll!

    the weather was even weirder today. i got up, not feeling cold at all, changed into a short denim skirt and just a normal button down shirt and grab my bag and left the house. but then.. it was like windy chilly out there. and i couldn't have ran back in and grab a sweater cause i am a super last minute plan person. i leave the house on the dot and then just in time to catch my bus. so yea.. damn regret after that... =/

    it was sunny but windy and chilly. then by the time i got to uni, it was like so so gloomy as tho the sky was just gonna fall right there and then. i was in lecture and all i know it was pouring rain. and the sky just looked crazyyy..

    stayed away from being out at all. used all the ways to get from one building to another without being out. with the rain and all that, it was like colddd and i was with skirt.. ):

    classes were from 930am to 230pm non stop without break. so i only managed to grab a bite to eat after that. i think i am losing a pound or two. HAHA! at least i hope (: tho it isn't the right way.. haha met up with a lab partner after classes then came back home.

    pumpkin, mushroom and smoked salmon risotto was for dinner. witnessed how aunty D cooked it but not sure if i'll ever have the mood again to make risotto. haha

    just finished the latest episode of 90210. death seems to be everywhere. never had occurred to me on how much it impacts a person because i've never actually had any experience or anything close right until this year. its just scary and inevitable. not much of scary that the day is here but more scary of the pain and grief people go through. but oh well.. live everyday to the fullest with people you love as much as possible (: at least then it'll be less of a regret for the ones who left and also the ones left behind.

    i am thinking of watching burlesque again. simply cause i had that sudden urge when i was hearing to the songs on my iphone just now. haha and i super love the show!

    then... i am going to sleep early and hopefully get up by 7am and leave home to go for my early lecture. we shall see how that turns out =P HAHA!

    that's it for now (:

    friday is almost here!!! hence the big smile on my face (((:

    sher xx.

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