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    Sunday, March 04, 2012


    i am suppose to be home right now but instead i extended my stay at teck wei's for another night. haha! i was just feeling a tad bit lazy to head home. hehehe

    been spending my time here since thursday after classes. did grocery and lunch at clayton town that thursday afternoon. spent friday just rotting in MA with series and instant noodle and fried mee hoon for dinner.



    went for brunch at auction rooms in north melbourne with teck wei, yao yun, cherly initially but was then joined by jia shen, jake and oscar.

    soy chai with honey is ♥

    i love brunches. i love the food. i love my soy chai with honey. i loveeee the environment.

    after brunch headed to yao yun's new place which is shared together with wei ping as well. nice place (: everything is so new and clean. so nice. i like the tiled floors in the living area rather than carpet and it gives it a cleaner touch.

    and its near to chin chin! HAHAH! must must go and eat there the coming weekend! i miss it!

    it was so wet yesterday. kept on raining and raining. felt so miserable. plus the trains all got screwed up so bad till everything was delayed. horrible!

    took a train back to jia shen's then about 630pm headed to carnegie for dinner. 5 of us. me, teck wei, jia shen, cherly and tai.

    dinner was at carnegie's shyun. authentic japanese place (:

    satisfied my sashimi craving!! damnnnnnn niceeeeee! expensive but niceeee. $17.90

    watched happy feet 2 with teck wei before sleeping.

    so cuteeee!

    i want a penguin as a pet... HAHA! but i still prefer happy feet 1 than 2 tho..

    slept before 1am. the both of us was so so so tired. and guess what? i woke up at 3pm today =DD but i am still tired. slept too much. i know.

    now just waiting for dear to finish his game practice and prolly head to maccas for dinner with cherly jia shen they all.

    till when i have more food to blog about! HAHA byeeee

    total food damage yesterday: $40.90...!

    lots of love,

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