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    Friday, March 16, 2012


    i am over at MA right now. had a sudden last minute decision to come over here yesterday after classes. i guess a somewhat good last minute decision? =D

    anyways a little back into time, on wednesday, after classes i met up with yao yun for lunch. nowadays i am pretty much leaving the decisions on where to go and eat, to her, since that she'll be leaving melbourne in less than 4 months? haha

    and she decided on yu-u. haha now she can strike it off her food list.

    i ordered their sashimi set lunch. $18

    this place is not too bad. portion kinda small but it is a quaint japanese place and very easy to be missed cause there isn't a big sign or in fact any sign at all to tell people that it is Yu-u.

    then we went on a little shopping spree at southern cross cause she was looking for a pair of boots.

    in the end, i was the one who came home with a pair of heeled ankle boots. well... i was looking for a heeled ankle boots anyhow (: i wanted something heeled but not too high so that i could like wear it around. pretty happy with this one from nine west and it was kinda cheap as well =D

    and a plain black dress. i am so into plain coloured flare dresses right now. pair it with a belt. perfecto! =DD


    left uni straight after classes and got to monash clayton's sports centre cause the rest were playing badminton. joined them awhile and that was it for me. i was so lazy to run and felt so bad making jia shen run all around when i was paired up with him for doubles. hehe sorry!

    dinner was at shyun in carnegie. had their una don ((:

    and also tapaoed grill'd burger for dear cause he was busy cramming with assignment so couldn't join us for dinner. at least thats all settled already now (:


    woke up close to 12pm.

    fried tom yum yee mee for lunch.

    then just sat there and caught up with all my series. current addiction its the hong kong drama On Call 36 hours. tonight its gonna be its last episode! i so can't wait. i've been chasing every single day. haha and then also caught up with one tree hill, criminal minds, greys anatomy and vampire diaries =D i know i know... i am a super duper series addict! =DD hehehe

    now while dear is busy with his modern warfare 3, i shall watch sherlock holmes 2 (: haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

    thats it for now! hopefully i'll be off to some awesome food tomorrow! =D


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