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    Thursday, March 08, 2012

    sooo... the weekend is here and that means i'll be going over to MA. no surprise on that. haha! even till aunty D was telling me to leave my hand carry duffel bag there in teck wei's to keep my clothes so each time i don't have to carry things up and down. HAHA!

    the week went by alright. how's uni? neh. boring.

    caught up with yao yun on wednesday for a very late lunch. since i haven't ate anything that day right up till when i met her close to 4pm.

    at first, i wanted to go to hutong but the taiwanese cafe on swanston was nearer and i was hungry. so yea thats where we had our lateee lunch! anyways i miss the street food i had in taiwan so much also!

    beef wrap. this was niceeee! reminded me of my favourite taiwan street food that i had!

    crispy XL chicken.

    and fried dumplings.

    was so full after that. all of that for $11 each. full but still managed to squeeze in room for chatime.

    had their grapefruit QQ.

    i've been eating so much lately that i am having a fear to step on the weighing scale. hehe

    i ♥♥♥ this!
    there is a photo booth in sportsgirl that takes pictures for free. so why not? and i look hilarious in it! i am not a person with many faces!! at least not intentional to have it infront of cameras. hahaha!

    my lunch today. $3.90 schnitzel baguette.

    and my very bright pink juice that aunty D blended this morning and filled into my bottle.

    outfits =D



    movies i've watched recently.

    its quite ummm... i don't know. maybe i don't like selena gomez or the story line is abit hmmm... well i give it like a 5/10?

    i like this! funny. anna faris is always funny. and chris evans is always as hot. so its good ((: 7.5/10?

    now, off to watching all these other chick flicks i downloaded. i am suddenly on a chick flick marathon. watching The Switch soon. its by jennifer aniston. and from the trailer it looks pretty good (:

    i am getting more and more boring with the way i blog. lets see if it gets better through time. sadly..

    niteee! xx


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