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  1. hopefully this lasts.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    yesterday i was actually thinking to make a switch to tumblr considering that i am reaching my photo upload on blogger's hosting photo site's limit. tried to make things work on tumblr first before making the final switch BUT tumblr is stupid that way to update daily post with pictures and photos. or maybe its just the layout i chose. anyhow, i still love blogger more! <3 so nope, not changing. HAHA

    uni had been like usual. annoying. tiring. picking up its pace. oh well... life of a uni student...

    sunset from on the way back home.

    the weather has been pretty weird. today it was so hot. yesterday it was so hot. hot as in high 20s. apparently friday its gonna be like less than 20 degrees like 17 or 15 or something like that. getting weirder and weirder. tho.. i am looking forward to the cold (:

    ohya.. someone i know or more like a close friend of teck wei's nearly got robbed yesterday at ss19. in her own house. she just got home and was still in her porch when the black waja just stopped in front of her house. the gates were locked but these 3 indian guys with parang was trying to get in the house. she screamed and the guys just smiled at her. wth righttt! luckily her neighbours shouted at them and then only they left.

    imagine if her neighbours didn't hear her or no one nearby was home. she was in the porch ler.. not even in the house yet. it was so so close. thank god she's fine. fine as in nothing bad happened but i am pretty sure she's not fine yet in the sense of the trauma. scary man nowadays =/

    hmmm... my dear is still sick. still coughing so bad =/ get well soon! ♥

    my only act cute pose that i know. or more like the only one that looks okay. haha!

    with love,

    somehow, i still refresh that page everyday. why do i care? i honestly don't know..

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