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    Monday, March 12, 2012

    hello ((:

    back at home at aunty D's. i am spending like half of the week at MA and the other half back at home. feels good seeing dear every single day when i am over at his place but at the same time i feel bad for not being home. and i miss my stuffs cause i barely have anything at MA. haha

    there was a potluck party over at MA last friday.

    most of the food.

    and i cooked fried rice. well i like my fried rice alot and hopefully it tasted alright for other people too. hmm you see.. this potluck party is for like MA tenants as a welcome party. but me, don't know why sesat there. i was actually thinking of not going initially cause its like so weird but well.. i remember questions like, "you stay here?, you live nearby?, you study in monash clayton?" all my answers were NO. so paiseh ler.. hahaha! but at least i contributed something. haha

    spent saturday just staying in. cooked fried mee hoon. watched the voice.


    went down to the city and had lunch with yao yun, audrey and wei ping at chin chin! i loveeeee that place! the food is shooo nice laa...!

    roll ups.

    salmon fin salad thingy. i can't remember the name. but it was soooo good! i reckon all the salads in chin chin are good. the last time i had the crispy barramundi salad was good as well!

    crispy skinned duck.

    dry soft shell crab red curry.

    everything was nice!! i love the flavours in the dishes. you get all sorts of smell and flavours. especially love kaiffer lime leaves in dishes! total per person for lunch was $26.

    then headed over to sportsgirl to see if the photo booth was still there and it was! soooo.. we took more free pictures!

    us that day <3

    me and yao yun's second photo booth styled picture. i personally love it in black and white than in colour.

    ♥♥♥♥ ittt!
    omg man! look at my face! its the silliest that i could think of already.. haha! and its the first ever documented silly face picture of myself in public. HAHA!
    i am keeping the strip on the left in my wallet =DDD

    i was hoping teck wei would have went down to the city with me that day cause i wanna take these pictures with him. but oh well.. lets see if it is still there the coming weekend.

    outfit of the day! =D love my union jack crop top from sungai wang for RM25! ((: and making full use of the huge ass mirror at the lobby of yao yun and wei ping's place. hehe

    bought back some ingredients from the asian grocery in the city that day cause i wanted to cook man yee mee. or braised yee mee whichever way it is called.

    but it turns out looking like this.

    not black at all cause i didn't have any dark soy sauce which i forgot to buy. it didn't look as good but it totally tasted alright! =DDD and its yee mee plus marinated minced chicken. how bad could it have been right?? hehe


    left for uni pretty late from MA. it labour day and i still have classes! so not fun! was suppose to have classes till 830pm but turns out i am moved to the wednesday class which finishes at 730pm. at least it gives me time to head home from uni since the last bus is at 9pm.

    bought the blue long spaghetti dress top for $2.50 and paired it with a cardigan and accessorized it with a belt (: had that cardigan for like 2 years plus and had never worn it. hehe

    and notice my new iphone cover! love the colour stripes!! =DDD its a kate spade cover hehe

    much love,
    sher xx.

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