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    Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    uni day one.

    uni has been pretty laid back since its just the first week. i only have lectures. labs and tutorials aren't running yet so i've just been lazing around as long as i could. because i can foresee the coming semester to be rather daunting. i am sort of traumatized in a way. =/ we shall see how it goes later on.

    *keeping my fingers crossed* and hope and pray for the very very best. and work harder and get all the luck i could. hmmmm ):

    uni day three. today.

    southern cross and melbourne central after lecture.

    was suppose to meet up with yao yun today initially, but the timing wasn't thaaaat right and i was just too sleepy so i hopped onto the train, took the bus and was home by 4.20pm and lied on the bed and slept till 7.30pm. teck wei says i am a big pig. HAHA! i kinda admit i am.. hehehe =PP

    tomorrow off to teck wei's for the week as aunty D won't be home. so i won't be home too. hehe!


    i spent an hour sitting under the clock in melbourne central blasting loud music in my ears and having all sorts of funny made up thoughts running through my mind. funny in a scary way. inclining towards an obsessive bitch. god, what has happened to me? i am wondering myself too.. haha

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