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    Thursday, February 02, 2012

    i am seriously behind on the blogging. i haven't been free. like seriously, when i have the time i'll either be catching up on my series or sleeping or skyping or out catching up with people. you see... when i start blogging everyday means i have nothing better to do. so yea..

    i shall start with last thursday.

    my lunch was sub of the day. haha

    tried this new place at first subang mall in ss15 with mum and cousin.

    omg!! the salmon sashimi are like super damn damn awesome! thick and fresh and the fats are just perfect! damn nice... 5 pcs RM18.

    some of the other food we had.

    my name silver necklace (:

    last friday,

    had our first friday lunch together with yao yun and en lin. it'll possibly be our last.. we shall see about tomorrow. haha

    had it at Ginger in Central Market.

    appetizer keropok with peanut sauce.

    thai fried rice.

    green curry chicken.

    butter fried calamari.

    the food was quite good ler.. paid lesser than RM30 per person i think?

    tried on enlin's aviators. i like ler....! i've been saying i wanna get them since like a year plus and i haven't gotten my hands on it yet.. ):

    then later at night went with mum to have dinner with her friends at house and co in bangsar shopping complex.

    part of the food ordered. i was too far away from it so i only have one picture..

    after dinner was coffee time at Dome but it was wild mushroom soup time for me ((:

    outfit of the day.


    went to pyramid to have lunch with tim and his gf and dickson. i finally got to meet jane (: haha tim is going back to UK next monday already and i am not quite sure when i'll see him next. probably in australia, IF he is coming.. but well, just gotta catch up with him more before he flies off la..

    had lunch at Carls Jr. i think it is his fav.. twice lunch in pyramid with him, twice also Carls Jr. haha

    four of us went to watch Underworld 3D after lunch.

    hmmm.. not too bad only la. but the movie was a tad bit too short. still.. it was kinda yeng la. fake but quite yeng. haha

    bought a pair of flip flops for dear <3

    left pyramid at about 4pm? then went to fetch cousin gf from summit then to ss2 then down to imbi. was having dinner with mum and cousins and mum's friend and family.

    had a pretty poshy dinner at imbi palace.

    awesome yee sang!! so much salmon sashimi and there were fried salmon skin as well. yums!

    the soup had so much of expensive things in it.


    another expensive vege thingy. two abalones in a night! awesomeeee!

    there were 3 more dishes that i forgot to take picture of. one of it was the smoked duck and that was also damn awesome!
    the view that mum's friend's house gets. the twin tower is actually much nearer than what the picture shows. so nice kan?! love love the twin tower at night!!

    outfit of the day (:


    neh nothing much except work.

    hehe i got bored. cause i was the earliest at work at 7.56am. haha

    went over to menara maxis with joey and justin to collect our pay cheque.

    and there was a lion dance infront of menara maxis.

    my RM700 pay! (: hehe

    after work met up with mum at Teh Tarik Place just below my office.

    had tea time roti canai and teh o ais limau. haha!

    which then we headed for dinner at Sunway area.

    all the food we had. lou sang again! i think this cny i had lou sang 6 times already...

    was home at about 940pm? lazed around. started munching on the snacks i bought from taiwan. because if i don't eat them, i won't get to eat them already cause i am heading back to melbourne in two weeks. and i have to start sapu-ing before i go back! haha

    some quail egg thingy which is really nice and its sorta black. but damn nice!

    i don't think it'll ever be possible on losing weight before i go back to melbourne. oh nooooooo! hahaha

    okla.. thats it!

    tomorrow back to work. have to finish my report )): lunch with yao yun.. and then.... 4 days of holiday!! yay!! (((: can't wait!

    which means i'll be closer to going back to melbourne (: slightly over two more weeks till i see you..!

    i have to start thinking where shall i take you for your birthday. i am getting the present under controlled already. hopefully everything turns out good! hehe =DD

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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