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    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    i have a whole week long of updates to write about.

    caution: super long post ahead. 68 pictures in total. 8 days of updates. but i am trying to be minimal on the words. hehe

    last friday,

    my last day of work!

    lunch was with my grandfather at kelantan delights.

    had a tea break/farewell with colleagues.

    free movie tickets from my big boss. hehehe

    basically work was really not bad. as in people were really nice. yea... the work is kinda boring but i guess it was basic intern stuff la. all in all, it was a pretty not bad experience (:

    that night dinner was at sunday area.

    last saturday and sunday,

    was in malacca for the weekend. mainly to go for a weekend break. and also to visit some relatives in malacca for post cry thingies.. haha

    relatives' house punya little fish pond.

    lunch with relatives.

    tea time break. coconut shake at klebang! i lead the way okay.... yessss i am thaaaaat good! HAHA sorta remember from the past two times that I've been.


    really good and cheap nasi lemak!! RM1.20 a packet.

    dinner at bei zhan with relatives as well.

    jonker street after dinner.

    next day's lunch. the typical chicken rice balls. an hour of queueing....!!

    headed for home straight after lunch.

    but made a pit stop for nadeje's crepe cake. haha

    reached home late evening then went over to uncle's place in ss14.

    simply cause i was pampered with one of my favourite food. fried nian kao sandwiched between yam slices. yummssss!

    then about 7pm i had a dinner gathering with the S9s who are in kl.

    was at sarpino's usj 1.

    then to library at first subang mall.

    great night out it was. i am glad and proud to announce the state of my relationship (: simply cause its something great to be shared with. =D the group picture we took is with brandon!!!


    a random decision of going out with qi hong. headed over to one utama.

    had lunch at delicious.

    then went looking around for aviators. as i was really really wishing and hoping to get one since like almost two years ago. FINALLY!! i bought it!! with my own internship pay. hehehehe

    super loveeeeeeeee it!! ♥♥

    and dinner was at eco ichi at first subang mall.

    had the whole sashimi platter ((((:


    mum purposely got up early on valentines day, went out to the market and prepared breakfast for me. i am so loved!!

    my favourite, mein sin with mince chicken and salted vege thingy.. hahah!

    then my grandparents came to visit from seremban.

    lunch was banana leaf rice at nirvana in usj 9.

    had to fetch them back to ampang that evening. and kl was like super duper jammed up. so we ended up parking out car in klcc.

    then took the pedestrian bridge thingy..

    to pavilion to have dinner.

    went for ramen at tokyo street (:

    had my Skype call date after i got home. well.. it was valentines and how could i talk to my valentines on valentines right? HAHA


    went out to pyramid to meet up with celine, loong and sheng nee for lunch.

    lunch was a bubba gump.

    then it was bubble tea time! 3Q passionate tea from ochado. quite nice eh...

    cousin's friend bought this back for all of us for valentines the day before. haha

    mum fried rice for dinner (:

    and awesome yum cha catching up session at lorong later that night with en lin, loong, steph, dickson and yao yun. good times! plus en lin was leaving the next day hence the catching up. haha


    lunch was at peter hoe in kl. loveeee the environment. really nice! food not bad too. especially the seafood chowder. yumssss!

    dinner was at mum's friend's place at taman tun.


    melur breakfast with steph and ferns.

    then kl trip with steph and qihong. i drove them.

    pavilion--->sungai wang--->times square--->sungai wang--->pavilion

    lunch was at kim gary in sungai wang.

    fun day! nice shopping trip too ((:

    spent the other half of my salary on this watch. super love it too!! ♥♥♥ nice rightttttt???!!

    dinner was at uncle's place.

    and supper at melur.

    that pretty much sums up my summer break back in malaysia. leaving back to melbourne today itself at 3.30pm.

    you know.. i actually can't wait to go back. i can't wait to see my dear (: eh two months of not seeing is pretty damn long to me okay... HAHA

    next post shall be when i am back to melbourne (: most likely will MIA a week cause class doesn't start till the 27th of february and i'll be over at teck wei's till then. HEHE

    oh and our gold coast trip is even more certained after the booking of the accommodation! omaiiii i am so excited!! =DDDD

    but now i am more excited to see you.....! hehehe ((: ookla... gonna crash on bed already. super duper sleepy.... goodnight ya'll.

    lots of love,

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