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    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    so far the days being back in melbourne has been pretty great! =D

    seriously catching up on my sleep cause i've been sleeping so so much. literally like a pig. HAHA! haven't been really going out to explore my much miss melbourne city yet.. but instead have been spending most of my time in MA. hehe

    teck wei will be busy working in the labs during mornings and afternoons. and i'll be busy sleeping till late afternoons if i don't have any plans on going anywhere. haha

    anyways, had my first aussie brunch on monday! =DD

    at mart 130. ordered their special omelette of the day. niceeeee! =DDD i so love brunches! hehe

    then just had a little peek into zara on bourke.

    outfit of the day (: super love my crochet cardigan! <3

    the weather was just weird. shine, rain, shine but hot. weird much.

    dinner that night was at petaling street in glen. my claypot lou shu fun ((:

    neh.. tuesday did nothing much. basically just sleeping in while teck wei was in the lab. cooked pasta for lunch then slept after that again. i know rightttt hehehe

    my Valentines card for teck wei only arrived on tuesday. what the hell man... a week late and i was already back ):


    but well at least it didn't get lost in the mail (: and i hope he liked it! tho it was pretty simple and normal. hehe


    slept till about 11 ish this morning? then teck wei came back for lunch. we as in inclusive of jia shen and cherly, ordered dominos for lunch. haha!

    while teck wei went back to lab to work, me, cherly, jia shen, ck and sean went over to malvern. they and their coffee hunting. haha

    basically more like off the corner of glenferrie road and union street.

    i love my freshly brewed soy chai! yumss =DD

    came back about 5 ish and i slept some more. HAHA! super lazy bump i know.. haha as i was being told by my dear, "you can fall asleep anytime anywhere" HAHAH!

    now, while he is busy on his game practice, i am so looking forward to dinner. stomach kinda growling already.. not sure when is dinner and what is for dinner yet. cherly and jia shen is still miaing. ahah

    tomorrow is my dearest teck wei's birthday! i shall be out the whole day and end the night with awesome dinner by st kilda beach (: not sure how awesome is the food. made reservations this morning and hopefully it'll be good =D

    sher xoxo.

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