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  1. i would say, i am contented.

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    omggggggg! it has been so so so hottttttttt!

    literally felt like killing somebody yesterday....! it was like freaking 36 degrees or something yesterday!! hotter than malaysia.......!!

    eventhough teck wei had his room door open to get the wind from outside but it was still hotttttt!! i want i want the cold weather...... please come back soon! please?

    both of us were so frustrated with the heat and just slept at any chance we could get. i know right.. i am wondering myself too how i can sleep with it being so hot..

    about 10pm? finally left MA and went somewhere with air cond. ck came to fetch me and teck wei then to fetch jia shen and cherly and we headed over to pancake parlour for ice creaaaaaammm!!! =DDD

    4 of us shared this huge glass of ice cream. $28.90 for that.

    when we where halfway through the ice cream, the glass broke. not our faults cause it just broke. soooo we were replaced with a new huge glass of 6 scoops of ice cream again.

    so so full by the end of it.

    went to jia shen's house to lepak awhile then back to MA where the boys had their mahjong session. i think mahjong was done at 2am? or so? hahahaha! ck had an epic mahjong night! HAHA!

    i was watching some taiwanese series with teck wei till like 5 ish? i had him to make me supper at 4 something cause i was hungryyyy.. i didn't have any dinner so yea.. hehehe ate then slept. HAHA!

    was up about 1pm today? then just lazed around. watched series. cooked two packets of indomee. then napped which caused me to miss the bus home. had to take the next one which was like an hour later.

    left MA slightly after 6 and was home by 745pm. and aunty D cooked chilli garam chicken for dinner.. ((: yumsss!

    now i am just so bored.

    downloading some tvb series which i was watching halfway in malaysia. and my luggages are still sitting on the floor on the other side of the room. i don't know when i'll get to unpacking all of it. i am soooooo lazyyyyy~ hehe

    needa take a shower soon. i tell you... with the heat for the past three days, i've been washing my hair every single day which i don't normally do. it is always a two days once thing. sometimes three days if the weather is like really freezing cold. but now, i need the cold water every twice a day! i hateeeeeeee it!

    hmmm.. so the new semester starts tomorrow. happy start of the semester people! well some of you! =D

    my class only starts at 130pm which is not too bad (: i get to sleep till 11.30am and then leave for class at 12pm. naisssss =P

    wokays.. ciao!

    sher xoxo.

    spending a week with you day and night is my absolute most loved thing. the things we do together. the things i laugh about on how silly you can be sometimes. oh so cute as well. the kisses. the hugs. after being apart for two months, this is the all that i could ask for to return to. things feels different. in a good way. i feel so much more loved. and everything is all good. we are great. i less than three you <3 without a doubt.

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