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  1. a mix up.

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    i don't think i'll be blogging daily until i get back to melbourne and to classes. when i am having classes thats when i'll be super bored at home, at night, that leads me to a lot of free time to blog.

    for now, my posts shall be a long few days thing lar okay...? hehe

    last friday,

    usual friday lunch with yao yun. this time at seng nam in lebuh ampang.

    we both ordered their hainanese chicken chop.

    talked. as usual. good times. i suppose when i look back from where i'll be in 10 years? i had great friendships that started since high school. to me, seems like my high school friends are friends close to my heart. and as i once said, don't matter where we are scattered all over the globe, once we are together, it is as though, we never left. really good times.

    dinner was a warong in usj 9.


    went lunch with cherly and jia shen at edo ichi in ss15's first subang mall.

    my favourites!

    got home about 1 ish, and just sat down and quietly started on my little "gift" i was planning on mailing over to melbourne for the event on the 14th. but about 3 or so, mum came back annd questioned why i didn't pick up her call. nehh i thought i was in the bag which explains why i didn't hear it ring, but no, it wasn't there. neither was it in the car as i drove out for lunch just now. damn, at that point, i knew i left it in the restaurant. the last thing i remembered of it was it being on the table while we were eating.

    and thank god! i called back to the restaurant, and they had my phone. boy, i was so so lucky!! went back there and collected it from the waiter and i was never as thrilled to see my iphone as i was that day. hahaha! *jumps with joy*

    that night headed over to Hakka Restaurant for dinner with the family.


    staying at home the whole day. poker and rummy. HAHA! when there is my whole family together, there will always be gambling. apparently we blamed it on the "Yong traits". HAHA!

    till at night, headed over to Oregi for a get together before tim, cherly and jia shen headed back to Bristol and Melbourne the next day.

    that night, the group was super huge. but our group was just the one sitting in the middle and having our own bonding time. haha!

    said our goodbyes (which lasted for more than 15 minutes) at about 12 ish? gave tim a hug as i have no idea when i'll be seeing him. hopefully sometime soon and i am hoping to visit him in china. i haven't been to Hangzhou so why not? and Shanghai is just like two hours away by train? all the more reasons to go explore explore. shah!

    my only regret is, no picture taken with Tim this time. ):


    headed back to hometown for the day.

    the baby girl that aunt is baby sitting for. when you tell her to take pictures, she give you the pout and the fingers. sho cuteee!

    got back home about 7 something and slept on the couch till 9 something. and the rest of the night was just doing nothing.


    went up to genting at about 1pm. got there at about 2 and checked in to Awana Genting for the night.

    the room.

    the toilet.

    the room was not bad. pretty spacious i would say. but the toilet was just normal. i way wayyyy prefer resort hotel's toilet. much much better!! anyways, resort hotel itself is much better. i prefer it up there. haha

    spent the whole afternoon gambling in our room. played poker. played siambarat and ngau ka sui.

    close to 9pm only we as in the whole family of 12, headed to mushroom farm for dinner. then up to the casino for some real gambling. i happily walked in the front door of the casino without getting stopped. once i am in, i'll never go out. cause it isn't easy for me to give the "oh i am very calm and above 21 and legal to go in face."

    lost RM40 to the slot machines.

    this machine earned back RM50 for me. if not i would have lost RM90. hehe

    the idea behind these slot machines are that when it makes super lots of noise means you are winning lots of money. and you just sit there and press like nobodys business. haha

    only went to sleep about 2 ish that morning.


    got up at 7.20am and got ready and left awana by 745am. came down for work. oh so not fun!

    left work at 530pm but was only home at like 730pm )): had dinner, bathed then packed up the laptop and went upstairs.

    saw and heard my dear for that long <3

    it was more like i was lazing on my bed while he fix his CPU. basically there was less talking but more doing our own stuffs with the Skype running. but still nice! its as though i was there (:

    look what dear found in a packet of sweet chilli packet rrd.. shooo cool!

    streamed a couple of parts of a taiwanese drama on youtube then fell asleep.

    mailed something out yesterday. i pray and pray it reaches on time! please please be nice to me mister postmans..

    back to work today. a colleague told me there was a lunch thing going on downstairs for chinese new year. i went down and had a look but didn't want to eat alone soo i came back up, then some other colleagues ask me to go and eat together.

    the food.

    tomorrow shall be my last day of work. i can't wait!

    just got back my baby from ferns. feels different after being updated up to lion. same but different. but well... its still my baby and i love my blue mac lappie!! =DDD

    with love,

    p/s screw you. stay far far away and i am praying to god i will not see you ever there. its gonna be tough but please god....! or at least when i do see you, i promise i'll look good (((: and stay the hell away from me!

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