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  1. greetings love!

    Sunday, February 19, 2012


    back in melbourne already and the weather is so hottttttt! feels like i never left malaysia. its still with all the heat and sunlight and sweat. ughhh not something i was looking forward to return to.

    my brunch before heading to the airport.

    i would say the flight back with emirates was pretty good. leg room was good. entertainment was good too. well i paid $1k for the return tickets so it more or less lived up to the standard. HAHA

    but the food was nehh so so..

    buttttttt.... there is one thing i love about afternoon flights. the sunset.

    the gradual change of colours in the sky. oh so pretty! love the pictures i took this time! <3 looks kinda artistic! HAHAH

    i was never really a sunset or sunrise person. but when it comes to being up in the sky, i love every single thing about it. the colours of the sky. the formation of the clouds. and lastly the so so so amazing sky filled with glittering stars. its like i've never seen anything as amazing as looking out the windows when the sky out there is literally filled with gazillion billions of stars!! loveeeeeeee it!! ♥♥♥

    touched down about 215am. was finally out from customs and all that only at 3am. the baggages took forever!

    3am in the morning. empty airport. while waiting for aunty D to come pick me up.

    slept close to 6am this morning. simply cause i couldnt stand the heat and i was sweating so much, i took a shower at close to 4 in the morning. happily took my own sweet time and had to wash my hair cause of the stupid heat....!

    left home at 1230pm and got to clayton at about 2pm?

    greeted by dear.... with his very typical just woke up look. HAHA ♥♥ oh so we meet after two months! how great is that feeling (:

    went out to clayton town for lunch and grocery shopping. as i will be the chef for the next few days and gotta think of what to buy and what to cook. haha!

    kebabs for lunch. one of his favs.

    he is napping while i am sitting here blogging and blog hopping.

    feels good to be back to someone you're apart from. one more week to play around before class starts. aihh must enjoy kao kao!! and i'll be spending the week here =DD

    much love,

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