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    Friday, February 24, 2012

    the eve of dear's birthday, wednesday,

    dinner was at nandos. two whole chicken for three person.

    came back and had a drinking session together.

    started off with two shots. one shot of chivas and one shot of double black. then went on with one round of ring of fire. i ended the night with a shot of mixed gentleman's jack and coke and HORLICK! it was shitttt... i took the last J card so i have to kena.. ):

    thursday, dear's birthday!

    started off with movie at 1.40pm.

    The Vow <3

    awesome. it was sad and so cute at the start. and channing tatum is soooo hot plud rachel mcadams is really pretty. it was sad knowing it is inspired by a true story.. sob sob.. ): HAHA! but i think i bored teck wei by choosing this movie. it is so not a guy's movie but it was the movie i really really wanted to watch.

    so much for birthday boy should do what he wants. haha!

    then to coconut house for a drink before dear's haircut appointment.

    my cendol (: naissss for a warm day!

    while waiting for his haircut i got bored.. super love my flats from taiwan! <3<3

    it took more than half an hour. haha

    then headed over to wei nian's house to chill awhile before heading over to st kilda by tram for our dinner. reservations was at 7pm.

    witnessed a sunset from the restaurant ((:

    our food.

    italian sausage pizza.

    special of the day. swordfish with mussels, king prawns and asian salad.

    and a side of chips.

    the food came to about $25 per person. it was okay la... i still prefer roccoco on acland street. nothing beats that in terms of pizza. but this place had nice sea view and sunset. hehe

    outfit of the day.

    got home at about 10pm?

    then they mahjong-ed while i napped awhile on cherly's bed. haha

    too bad no picture with the birthday boy... )): he isn't the camera kind of person.. =/


    stayed in teck wei's room the whole afternoon. wrote my internship report and lazed around while watching series.

    had shin ramen for lunch after sooo long. haha!

    about 6pm left to the city with teck wei for dinner with the rest. dinner was at Sofia. omg man.. now i am so so full. ate that much and only paid $10. hehe

    now back in MA, in cherly's room and the guys are mahjonging again. haha

    today freaking freaking hot a!!!! even at this time.... ))))):

    don't know what i'll be up to tomorrow... shall see how it goes. thought of going for a walk in the city but feeling abit lazy at the same time. haha!

    hmmmmm hoping for a movie in bed tonight? =D

    with love,

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