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    Monday, April 02, 2012

    i am back! =DD hahaha this is my 1,111 post! cools =P

    my weekend was pretty good (((:


    went over to mornington with cherly, marilyn, ck and jia shen.

    as usual sure stop at sunny ridge for their desserts and scones. this time i went for their strawberry picking. the last time i did it was two years back? when cherly and ferns came to visit. haha

    but there were barely any left... ):

    yet i managed to get a box full of almost fully red ones. i sorta went into the forbidden zone of picking as well. HAHAHA! but damn sweet... took this box back for teck wei (((:

    finally after all the picking row by row and the muddy shoes, we sat down for food.

    the scones cherly and marilyn ordered.

    i ordered their vanilla pannacotta. yums! but cannot eat too much this one. will get jelak. haha

    look at ini kai kor! HAHAH! thinking about this shot also can laugh already now. haha!

    after strawberry picking, we went to arthurs seat for some view then went on down to dromana beach.

    its beautiful!! can hardly tell the where is the horizon. like seriously. this picture doesn't do that justice. haha

    and the dromana beach and pier. one of the best beaches i've been to.

    we even saw a damn huge stingray. the water was so clear that we saw the whole entire big thing swim from under the pier. niceeee!

    and then had crappy fish and chips. like the crappiest ever eaten. so not nice! st kilda's one still the best! =DD

    dinner was at shyun in carnegie. my ryukyu don. $11 yumssss! marinated salmon sashimi! =DD


    just stayed in lazing around. i can't even remember what i did.

    lunch was tom yum yee mee that teck wei cooked (:

    cause i pulled the "my ankle pain" move. HAHAHA! and just sat down watch tvb series together. dinner was subway.


    stayed in the whole day. teck wei had his group meeting for his presentation in the afternoon and i cooked lunch.

    my fried meehoon ((:

    after that was just helping him with his presentation stuff. the day went really fast.

    today, rehearsed his presentation with him a couple more times then left to uni for classes. came home and as usual had the catching up chat with aunty D and dinnered.

    just finished talking to cousin through skype not long ago.

    and also just bought a scoopon voucher. all you can eat japanese feat for two. $27! =DDD excited!!! =DDD loong and yao yun bought it too! hehehehe can't wait to try it out!

    and now i am hungry.... HAHHAA!!

    we shall see whether i'll go to bed soon or not. since class only starts at 230pm tomorrow. hehe


    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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