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  1. ola! =D

    i think nowadays i blog much much more on food than on any other thing. i think almost every post i have something on food? HAHA!

    today was lunch with cherly, marilyn and shu hua at manchester press (:

    since marilyn is like leaving this friday already... might as well go somewhere nice and different than the ones you get in malaysia. manchester press is a much much better choice than going to rose garden. rose garden is like hongky malaysian food.. -.-

    my chorizo and tomato relish something something bagel. but it was nice!! =D hard to cut at first but still nice ((: my well spent, very filling $13 meal.

    this was my second time there and its good still! the first time i went with mum and ordered their smoked salmon bagel. that was nice too! Manchester Press is on Rankins Lane off Little Bourke Street. parallel to Hardware Lane.

    and there was even dessert today as well. went to this new dessert place on chinatown that i've been hearing so much about. Dessert Story.

    its exactly like snowflakes! one of my favourite desserts! and nice too! just that this has more combinations (: about same price as snowflakes in malaysia but its dollar to dollar. RM6.90, here $6. HAHA!

    and this mango thingy sho sho niceeee! =DDDD now i kinda get the popularity its been getting. i somehow love mango desserts (: hehe

    was home by 7pm.

    i don't like the end of daylight savings!! the days are so short! 7pm is like pitch dark outside! and its only freaking 7pm, it feels like 9pm. don't likeeeeeee! omg.... when winter comes the days will be EVEN shorter! )))): booooo...

    but brighter note, my gold coast trip is getting nearer and nearer! this saturday!! =DDD omg i can't wait!! =DDD hehehehehe

    i shall now catch up on the new episodes of gossip girl and bones. been working on my report since i got back. time to take a two hour break. HEHE

    so love my $10 factorie babydoll dress! =D and with the belt! awesome (:


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