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  1. Gold Coast DAY 1 & 2.

    Friday, April 13, 2012


    added pictures from yao yun's camera =DDD


    i remember being so excited over my trip to gold coast when april arrived and now its already a past.. ): good times pass so quickkkk..... )):

    here is how the 5 days went. i am too lazy to blog all in one shot. sooo... it'll be in two posts la (:

    and i don't have all the pictures. these are just the ones from my phone and audrey's phone. there are still lots more in yao yun's and wei ping's camera.

    DAY 1,

    our flight was at 620am.

    ♥♥ quite a pleasant flight (:

    and finally we are in gold coast!

    breakkie from red rooster in the airport. while waiting for another 3 more people to arrive.

    had some trouble with the car rental company cause they last minute cancelled our booking and we were like searching high low from the car companies in the airport. but it was like freaking expensive weihhhh... $810 for one car and we needed two cars. cannot cannot.. too expensive and i wasn't willing to pay.

    so we settled down with the public transport. bought the unlimited 5 days pass for $75. i would say it was a good choice that we ended up with the public transport in the end.

    took a cab back to the hotel.

    andddddd i forgot to take the picture of the place!! hahaha nevermind..

    chilled in the hotel for awhile then left to surfers paradise for lunch. yao yun didn't have any sleep at all the night before so the 7 of us went out for lunch and she was in the hotel sleeping alone.

    we went for ramen! (:

    my seafood soup base.

    dear's original soup base (:

    then went walking along the beach in surfers paradise.

    picture with the girls and dear (:


    after that headed back to the hotel. some wanted to rest and some wanted to go to the pool. me and teck wei went to our hotel pool and just chilled. yao yun woke up and went shopping at surfers paradise. its only like 5 mins away from our hotel by bus. so convenient!

    me and dear went for our dipping in the pool and the jacuzzi. the pool water was so colddddd... was in there for about an hour? then washed up for dinner but while waiting for everyone else to get ready for dinner, me and dear went to play pool at the gaming room downstairs.

    this is also stolen off the internet. haha

    it was my first attempt at pool and of course he won but i think i wasn't thaaaaat bad? at least thats what he said. haha and we lost $2 to the machine. he wanted to play time crisis so badly but the machine makan-ed our $2... ): hahaha

    finally went out for dinner almost close to 8pm.

    had it at yama sakura japanese restaurant (:

    me and teck wei shared this half salmon sushi. $24 its salmon sashimi on a piece of seaweed then rice at the bottom wrapped with salmon sashimi and avocado. damn awesome!

    and this wagyu steak set. $16

    the rest happily eating after waiting for almost 40 minutes for the table. was starving like maddd! haha

    came to about $20 per person for dinner. but it was so so nice! especially the half salmon sashimi sushi! omg yumssssssss!!

    after dinner, we walked around in surfers paradise and also walked all the way back to our hotel. i think it was a 20 minutes walk back.

    i love surfers paradise area man! it reminds me so much of those beach side shopping places you see in the movies. so so niceeeee! i could see myself staying at areas like this but its damn freaking expensive. haha i shall just dream... hehe

    went back to the hotel, straight away died on the bed. me and teck took the double sofa bed in the living room where as audrey and yao yun took the single beds in the room. straight lights out till the next morning.

    DAY 2,

    left for breakkie at about 830am. went to broadbeach for breakfast.

    my eggs benedict with avocado (: $18

    then off we hopped onto a bus to Movie World!! =DDDD

    while waiting for the bus.

    during the half an hour journey (:

    we are here!!!

    mah bestie! me love her! <3

    quite a nice shot of myself. i must say.. HAHAHAHA! =DD

    feels awesome to be there! ((:

    we started the day with by going for a 4d show. the journey to the center of the earth. it was so so only la.. 4d shows everywhere are always the same.

    my first ride was with teck wei. the scooby doo spooky coaster. was literally holding onto his hands till it was so sweaty. hahahaha but it was alright! i always have adrenaline rushes after fast rides one. i always want to go back for a second time straight after one. haha! but he don't want to go with me already... ):


    after that was just walking around the place. see things. then went for a show. the hollywood stunt driver! omg so so yeng!!!

    they did this and drifts all over the place. seriously damn yeng weih.....

    i find this to be quite a nice picture of mah dear <3

    after that i went for my second ride with yao yun. went for the batwing spaceshot.


    omg so fun! as usual i had the adrenaline rush again and i wanted to sit again. HAHAH! this explains why i went on the solero shot in genting three times in a row. hahaha!

    yao yun went on for another ride where as me and teck wei went for the parade.

    bought ben and jerrys while watching the parade. =DDDD damn nice man the chocolate fudge brownies!!

    the only fun part about the parade is the shuffling the characters did. which i had it on video. hahah!

    so cute especially when tweety bird did shuffling. HAHA!

    after the parade it was seriously just plain walking around and taking pictures and buying souvenirs.

    look at this cute tshirt! dear wanted to get.. but they were out of sizes.. )):

    walked the whole entire place to see see look look and take pictures!

    last picture before leaving. goodbye movie world!! =DD

    that concludes movie world. we had to wait for like two buses in order to get back cause it was like so so pack.

    went back to surfers paradise for dinner. and had the same japanese food again. HEHE cause we wanted to eat the salmon belly which was sold out the day before.

    but in the end it was also sold out!! ))): hahaha

    it is an authentic japanese place. the whole shop are run by japanese.

    this time, me and dear shared the half salmon sushi(again!) and the unagi sushi. $22 per person.

    after dinner took a bus back to the hotel and ended up talking to audrey, teck wei, and yao yun till almost 1am. hahaha so fun!

    my day 1 and day 2 was pretty much that. but it was so fun laaaaa!! i wanna go on trips again! ):

    i'll be back to blog on the other 3 days after i get back home la okay ((: currently over at teck wei's. most likely will spend my whole monday night blogging. hahaha! my shopping hauls will come after the day 3,4 & 5 post. hehe

    for now, nitey night peeps!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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