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    Wednesday, April 04, 2012

    was actually refraining myself from indulging in awesome food with Awesome price cause i am going on my easter holiday this saturday and i would feel less guilty if i am spending lesser money before i even get there. HAHA!

    but anyhow, plan failed. me, cherly, marilyn and jia shen went to st ali today. all i wanted was a soy chai and savoury muffin but they were out of savoury muffins! in the end i had this...

    magic mushrooms. a big filly omelette with a sourdough toast. omg so so full after that! and this cost me $18.50? i just wanted a less than $5 muffin. turns out more than triple of what i budgeted for.. hehe

    and as usual, my soy chai with honey. =DD

    left them about 5.15? took a tram to southern cross and then took a train and bus and came home.

    the sky at 630pm. the view from just down the corner of aunty D's house. the big empty land up ahead is the Essendon Airport.

    come back ate a plate of fried rice somemore. my goshhhhh....! i feel a bit bit hungry now already. amongst all the food i had earlier in my stomach, there is still room for a slight growling. don't know what i am made of. seriously..

    my easter break has officially started! sho sho happieeeeee! =DD

    i am thinking of crashing to bed soon. and wake up late tomorrow. and just chill at home. then prolly dinnering with them in the city or something. shall see how it goes.

    tomorrow will be the day with the last episode ever on one tree hill! its whole series finale is tomorrow. two hours. i can't wait. but yet i am sad. i don't want it to end... )': i grew up through high school until right now with this show. MY FAVOURITE EVER! die hard loyal fan. after nine seasons and twelve episodes. tomorrow will be the 13th episode. =/

    always will love it in my heart (: OTH FTW! =DDDDDD

    and us ftw too =P ♥ we were so happieeee! eventho had to wait 40 minutes for brunch at auction rooms with super empty stomachs. HAHA credits to yao yun for this shot. nice one. really :D

    and and happy birthday tang kah tim! have a blessed one! and read the facebook wall post i had for you! =D

    lots of love,

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