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    Saturday, April 28, 2012

    yesterday was date night with my dear, teck wei <3

    my outfit at the start of the day.
    metallic gold tank: supre
    blue coat: some random shop in the city. in one of the arcades.
    mustardy yellow jeggings: jay jays
    thigh high studded boots: ebay

    everyone seems to think i am wearing a very very short tank dress with yellow tights or yellow stockings. but no..... its a normal length tank with a pair of PANTS! i don't wear short short tank and just tights out.... )): but yet, i am very happy with this look =D

    was over in MA at about 2pm? the first thing i was greeted by is the smell of tom yum fried rice lingering around the room.

    and i was then offered a plate of fried rice that he cooked (: it was nice tho!

    then was just lazed around. watch some series then about 545pm we left to go down to the city for dinner.

    outfit for dinner (((:
    same coat.
    chiffon two coloured dress: i.d.s (the shop name) for $10
    bib necklace & heart tights: ebay (awesome place for cheap buys!)
    flats: taiwan for RM20!! loveeeee them!
    all the accessories on hand from lovisa.

    we were like really early for our reservation and we were hungry so we went for a quick bite before dinner at lord of the fries. a whole box of fries with french canadian sauce. which is shredded cheese and hot gravy. so sinful but sooo nice!

    and coincidentally bumped into yao yun and i made her sit down with us and eat abit before we all move together towards the same direction. she was going home and we were going to bourke street.

    dinner was at this restaurant on bourke.

    not what i was expecting it to look like. it look more finer dining on the site. thank god i wasn't over dressed. hahaha!

    it was from a scoopon deal at $35 dinner for two from aunty D. its one entree, one main, a bowl of rice and a glass of house wine per person.

    spring rolls.

    xiao loong bao.

    fried ribs. this was alright but so fatty and teck wei says the batter coating it, is the same as the mamak fried chicken ones. hahaha! which was sorta true. aha

    shrimp and corn. it was listed as one of their specialty and had to preorder. but this was what it is! totally not what i expected and not what i saw from the scoopon deal site. but thank god, it tasted alright. but looks super dodgy. haha!

    one glass of red and white wine each.

    we were sooooo full cause we had lord of the fries earlier and i wasn't expecting the portion cause it looked alot smaller on the deal site. there were some leftover of the shrimp and corn or more like corn leftovers and two pieces of ribs that we couldn't stuff down anymore.

    especially the wine, we barely touched it. not nice.... the white was better than the red but still not nice....

    but dinner was better than what it looks (: better than the first impression it gave me when i saw everything. and was filling. enjoying too cause dear was with me ((: date night ftw! ♥♥♥

    even before dinner started, i was demanding for dessert after dinner. ahaha! tho i was like super full but i really wanted fro-yo from cacao green. cause we passed by it earlier before getting to the restaurant. hehehe

    in the end, i was the only one eating cause he was too full.

    tho he had a couple of spoons from me. i am suddenly very into frozen yogurts. i find this to be really nice!! and was eating while listening to this street performer performing on bourke street. this guy's voice sound damn nice. 

    i was totally in the serenading mode at that point. hahah ((:

    after that went to coles for a while then took a train and got back to clayton. 

    dear was into his game and i was watching my series. that was the night for me. 


    it seems that today is like some important day for Malaysia. but well.. i couldn't care less about whatever that is happening cause it is just plain stupid in my opinion. and that's only my opinion to what it seems like to me. i find it to be unnecessary to create more problem that it already is. the more you provoke, the worse it gets. leave it be, or leave it be under publicly known to everybody, it might have been better.

    where as i am spending my saturday staying in, fully utilising the bed and the quilt and have my laptop on me while i lazily stay in bed the whole day. 

    our lunch today. indomie with egg and cheese on the top ((: yums!

    way better than becoming some jokes to other people and shouting into thin air and hoping that it would make a difference to what is happening back home which is like almost 4000 miles away. i understand the support but i find it to be rather attention seeking in some ways. half of the people go for the sake of going and be proper "Malaysians" or just to join in the crowd anyways.. 

    i understand the need to make the country fair and all but really? people have to really go around and make a fool out of everything and get penalise and tear gased and for it being in a foreign country, being laughed by the other people on how little we malaysians are? why make a fool out of ourselves? to some, it maybe being brave and having a stand or what not but well..

    its the same feeling when i see people infront of the state library protesting or walking on the streets in a big bunch protesting about god knows what, i find them annoying and a waste of time. thats how the impression it perceives to other people. not everyone but sure half of them think so.

    and if there wasn't this rally then there wouldn't be more provocation on how horrible our police officers are or how they whack up someone or anything. yes, there is a need to speak out but why make it to be such a day that people are more scared to go out of the house? i still find this whole thing very unnecessary.

    anyhow, its just an honest opinion. meant no harm or to offend anyone :D



    judging from a video i just saw on the police car being attacked by the protestors, i find these so called "malaysians" seeking for clean environment and justice is plain bullshit. it is so barbaric. at this point, i am sad to even admit that we are from the same country. people all over the world are laughing at how ridiculous we malaysians are and how little respect we have for our own country. today, is nothing but an embarrassment than doing any good at all. like seriously, what has been accomplished out of today? fights amongst the same people from the same country. our people. a bunch of crap.


    i shall now continue my saturday night with a simple dinner and prolly american reunion and some revising on a unit i am doing.

    simple dinner like tom yum yee mee =DD

    for now, tata peeps!

    i am currently going back old school. i am really into Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival but the Tina Turner version is my favourite ((:

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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