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    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    today, was one wet day. the rain lasted almost the whole entire day and the temperature was slightly abover 10 degrees. 11 to be precise. was feeling so reluctant to even leave the house and get to uni cause it was like constant showers out there.

    but still picked up my lazy self which was happily hiding under my quilt cause it was warm in there and got ready to face the change of weather outside. it has been a long while since i've felt the cold together with the rain. don't get me wrong, i love love LOVE the cold but i am just not that into the rain that came with it today.

    in fact, it'll be a rainy week. my only preparation for rainy days are hooded tops. for today, it was hooded coat.

    this was me sitting at Essendon station waiting for the train.

    and my outfit today (:
    hooded red coat: taiwan's shilin market which was a steal at RM80. (super thick somemore!)
    orange knitted scarf: clear it outlet on brunswick street. this was for $4 HAHA
    inner tank: jay jays at $5
    polka dot leggings: uniqlo
    thigh high studded boots: ebay at $15

    i was very dotted today. love polka dots!! <3

    class ended at about 430pm. an hour earlier than scheduled time. and i quickly walked out to glenferrie road to grab my lunch. or more like my first meal of the day.

    it was wet. enough said.

    had the $2 McD chicken and cheese! awesome burger at $2! (: nice and cheap. its like a nugget burger only with cheese and mayo. nothing else. awesome right???!

    was home by 6pm. had a very early dinner with aunty D before she went out for her meeting. dinner was done before 630pm okay..

    with the days being so short now, and the nights coming in so quickly, you'll get hungry earlier.. well sorta good thing i guess. i get to eat my meal early and be healthier in a sense.

    me being me, i went up to ferns just an hour or so ago to ask him for some help on retrieving a software for me and then only i found out he got into a minor accident a couple of days ago. fairly thankful he was very much fine but poor car of his.. ): at least, i know fei lin is alright which made me felt so bad for only going to him cause i needed his expertise.

    but yet, i ended the conversation with him knowing how awesome of a friend i am. so that's good! HAHAHA!

    hmmm... a little show off time. on how great i am at finding bargains. because i really must admit, i am very damn good at it. HAHA!

    my first ever owned Juicy Couture item. and i only paid $15 where its retail price is at $260. how awesome is that! =DDDD and i love it! its studded and edgy. abit like a gladiator style. love it and niceeeee! it even comes in a very nice shoe bag. hahahah!

    i was so happy when i saw it with aunty D yesterday. at first i thought it was only in a size smaller but turns out, there was one in my size too! ohmygod sho sho happy. its Juicy Couture come on! yet its really comfortable and the height is perfect. high enough to be high but definitely not high enough to be unstable and hurting. awesome buy!

    i kept on trying them on every now and then. ahaha still haven't really gotten over the fact that i bought them. tho i have mountains of shoes but..... but.... anyways its mine now (:

    wokays.. that's about it for tonight. shall be back soon (:

    sher xoxo.

    tomorrow is a public holiday! say yay to sleeping in!! 

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