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  1. Omg so fun! =D

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    My gold coast trip has been awesome right till now!! Yesterday was movie world and today was sea world (((: walked and walked until the bottom of my feet is about to detach from my leg. But it is well worth it!

    Trip with friends and with dear <3 awesome max!

    Just spent $60 on dinner. My most expensive ever meal in Australia. A $54 steak which was gooood =D aiya come for holidays already might as well.. But after eating this steak, I am really up for the steak in meat n wine co. Hmmmnm definitely will go one day! Drag Teck Wei along. Hahaha =P

    Andddddd.... I went to the casino and lost $20. My first ever betting in Australia. And I lost....): how sad right... Feel a bit pain already...): should have ciaoed when I won my first $10. Hmmmmm....=\

    I can't believe I am only left with two days! Time pass so quick when you're on holidays. ))):

    Tomorrow we will be heading to wet n wild park. Can't wait!! But have to wake up at like 8am... Everyday so early.... Not fun....)): haha

    Will be back to blog on the details after I get back on Wednesday night!

    Holidays are forever awesome! Especially holidays with friends and my dear! Woooooohoooo =D

    Lots of love from the Gold Coast!!

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