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  1. only my biggest dream ever.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    the brooklyn bridge. one can only dream.

    i stumbled upon someone's blog writing about New York City. there isn't any other place in the world that i have this much of wants and desires to get there.

    i don't remember when was the first time i had this thought planted in my head telling me how much i have to stand on times square and go up the empire state building, take a long whole day stroll and capture the moments on central park or just walking along the busy streets of new york admiring the fast pace of people, taking picture with the green lady.

    ...walking into humongous stores of fashion and retails and toy shops, admiring the architecture of the town like houses, standing under the brooklyn bridge where love scenes under the bridge were made and definitely enjoy the breath taking view of new york by night. the lights, the never ending night, the city that never sleeps. i could picture myself standing somewhere high and just over looking the city and stay there the whole night and just be amazed and thankful for the moment i am in. the moment where i lived my dreams. where it all came true.

    tho now its still moving pictures in my head, pictures that wasn't captured by myself. but one day, it'll be a moving journey of life in my head and documented in the best possible ways that i, I am gonna do myself.

    the theatrical scene in new york is a huge part. broadway. i'll be a lucky girl if its possible to catch wicked in new york. it is said to be sold out for 6 years. there is just so much.. SO SO much that i could picture myself doing in new york.

    if it were to be a white christmas, i would definitely be living my biggest dream. ever. hands down.

    i am always a city girl at heart. let it be in KL or in Melbourne, i love the city. especially by night. i love the lights. its like i am entering a whole new and different world in another perspective. the colours are different, people seemed different and everything just lights up.

    i want to experience new york in four seasons. i'll try to work towards the four times in different seasons. everything is different in different seasons. people dress differently, people talk differently, the buildings and nature looks different as well. you can't possibly have been seeing the whole of a place in just one visit in one season.

    central park in autumn.

    snowfalls in winter.
    it'll be even more amazing to witness the first snowfall of the year.

    my favourite would be the winter start and autumn. in autumn, central park is like a colourful painting. literally so many colours all in one place. breath taking. and the start of winter, you get to smell the snow coming in, the fresh chilly air creeping in, the first snowfall and slowly seeing everything turn into white as it gets covered by snow. simply just blissful.

    all i want is to live this fantasy i have in my head. not sure of when the time will be, but the time will come. let it be cutdowns on shopping or luxurious foods, starting on my first official pay cheque after i graduate, i'll save up for my trip.

    i am dreaming so much right now that i am all happy and warm and fuzzy on the inside.

    i vow to stand at this exact street and the exact spot and watch the sun set in between the concrete jungle.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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