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    Monday, April 23, 2012

    heyyy peeps! =D

    back to my own room. the weather is like so cold tonight. first time wearing like fleecy top as pajamas cause its like coldd.. and whenever the cold days comes, i always had to be alone in my own room instead of having to share the bed with my dear and have someone to share the cold with. always always like that.. but anyhow, the weekend went by pretty fruitful for me. haha! fruitful in a way i guess..


    dolled up a little bit cause there was a dinner later that night ((:

    went down to the city for lunch. cause i was meeting up with cousin's friend. she was going to be in melbourne for like 3 days or so and i was just the tour guide for the day.

    brought them to manchester press for lunch. she came with a friend.. so it was just us three (:

    i had their salmon bagel. but somehow the spread was abit too much for my liking that day. but still pretty good. hehe

    then brought them to DFO South Wharf but we walked to flinders to get the free city circle to bring us down to spencer street and then walked all the way to dfo. as it was their first visit to melbourne, tourist being tourists, pictures had to be taken everywhere. hence the almost one hour journey to dfo from bourke street. haha

    while they stopped to take pictures, i took a picture of my favourite part of the city. Southbank.
    the weather was good and i absolutely loveeee southbank... <3

    my initial outfit of the day. which i love love LOVE!
    inner plain black dress: jay jays
    outer burgundy chiffon dress: cotton on
    belt: jeanswest
    satchel: valleygirl
    shoes: tony bianco

    at first i regretted getting the chiffon dress in burgundy when i was in the gold coast. but now, not regrets at all! i think this is by far my favourite outfit that i've put together for the year. =DDDD

    then i walked into dotti and bought a lace crop top and wore it straight.

    my outfit looks more feminine in some way. i like the touch the crop lace top gave.
    plus it was only $10 (((:

    walked over to meat and wine co for jia shen's birthday dinner.

    as i said, i love this part of town. so pretty!

    it was dinner for 10 that night. to celebrate an early birthday celebration for jia shen. a friend whom i've known dearly for almost 7 years now. especially in the recent 5 years, our friendship was entertaining. and when i say entertaining, it is like the best i could justify our relationship on. haha!

    its still the 23rd, so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEI JIA SHEN! sorry la okay... i had to not just be fully nice. he'll understand why. hahahah!

    anyhooo... the food for the night (:

    dear's rib eye. which he so regretted on having it medium well. medium would have been more lovely. but it was still gooood nonetheless..

    my monte gold premium cut fillet. at medium rare. and it was goooooddd.. and it cost me a big $49. with the awesome blue cheese and vodka sauce, an additional of $4. 

    buuuuuttttt it was so niceeee! in my opinion, slightly above the one i had in gold coast but not much of a difference in terms of taste. they were both nice. but meat and wine co is cheaper. plus their chips are so so good! hahah

    me and dear shared a sides of chips. which i gladly ate so much eventho i was never a chips person but it was just too good! especially with the sauces. my blue cheese and vodka and dear's creamy garlic. yumssss!

    khai shien and jake shared their full rack of ribs.

    tai's salmon skewer's presentation was so cool. ahah!

    it was a pleasant and lovely dinner. (:

    tho it burnt a big fat hole in my pocket but i just had to try it. in terms of their steak. nice food, nice place, nice ambience. one word. nais. hehe

    loveeee southbank especially at night! ohmy the lights are so so pretty.

    and by that time of the night, my feets hurts so bad cause of my new pair of heels being abit bitey, i had a slow stroll with dear while walking towards flinders. so niceeee (: tho feet pain not nice. haha

    reached back to clayton close to 10pm and my feet just gave its way. i had blisters and skin peels and ouch here and there. thanks to the 10 hours of walk on it. i guess just caused its new thats why. it has nothing to do with the height but just the straps being abit stiff still..


    went down to the city to meet up with celine for lunch. and it was at seven seeds. my first time there and i had no idea where it is. all i did was walk and walk following the map on my phone. i was suppose to take the tram but elizabeth street were doing road works and there were no tram. so i had to walk ):

    i had a cup of soy chai with honey. which was not niceeeee!

    and shared two cakes with celine. the brownies were so good! and the other cake was nice too!

    but i don't see myself craving to come back again. the coffee is voted the best in melbourne but i don't drink coffee. i only drink chai. and their chai is not nice. i've drank wayy better ones. and their not easy accessible in terms of location. so yea.. won't be coming back anytime soon.

    after a catch up over in seven seeds, the both of us went over to yao yun's place and had a little more catch up there. then celine left. and me and yao yun went out for dessert.

    at dessert story.. it was yao yun's first visit.

    the mango crushed ice something something. they were sold out with the snow ice but this was nice too!

    but this.... pudding with taro balls, SUCKS.. MAX! wasted our $5 something cause it was so bad. the only thing good was the balls. the pudding... so so bad... ))):

    had quite a long catch up session with yao yun. i quite like how we go out on random food outings sometimes and just sit there and catch up with each other.

    even when we were interning, we would do it on fridays. i just love it. plus i think it brings us closer together which is even more lovely (: and to think that she's going back to malaysia soon, it makes me sad a little to see my bestfriend going back and i am here and i won't be having random munchies with. i will miss you dearly LOY...!! hahaha!

    after that, she went on back to finish up her assignments and i hopped on a train and went back to clayton. and dinner was out with teck wei, cherly, jia shen and tai at petaling street in clayton town.

    my sambal fish. whole fish and a bowl of steamed rice for $12.80. pretty cheap and taste not too bad (:

    went to do some grocery shopping and headed back to ma. and called the night. and it was one very very foggy night. i went outside to have a look and it was so so cool!! haha and i forgot to snap a picture )):

    i loved my outfit that day too but somehow i just forgot to snap a picture. haha! will pair something similar up again (:


    stayed home and just chilled. cooked mee hoon for lunch cause my dearest bf was craving for my mee hoon. apparently it taste very nice to him. HAHAH! cooked in time for him to eat before he headed out to uni for a group meeting and i stayed in watching series and blog hopping. haha

    and it started pouring outside.

    and there was a big rainbow after.. (((:

    it initially had two... but i was a bit slow on finding the camera app and it went missing. but i was still so happy cause i haven't seen a rainbow in a long long time! it just made me smile like a silly child... hahah!

    then i was practically just lazing around the whole time and till about 1145pm? all of us went over to jia shen's house to give him a surprise. which it was sorta successful. he jumped when cherly opened his room door. and thank god he was studying instead of doing something else. hahahah!!

    brought over 5 slices of cakes and we just sat and stood there with our forks and just ate. and was there till about 130am?

    and i forgot the pictures again! ))): no pictures for the night ))):


    woke up at 10am cause my dearest came back from uni and i couldn't sleep back already. cooked him indomee for lunch and left at about 1215pm cause i wanted to skip the rain before it starts pouring badly. the rain is gonna lasts the whole week... ):

    after classes i met aunty D in the city cause she had a day off and happened to be in the city to do some stuff and then went window shopping together.

    i bought an onigiri from the japanese place in the GPO. the place looks quite nice. might go and try one day (((: i heard about this place for evon. haha

    its more expensive than the usual sushi takeaways cause their seaweed it sorta packed separately so its more fresher and crunchier. this was $3.10

    both of us got back home at about 5pm after our window shopping and went out for dinner at chef lagenda in newmarket.

    my claypot yee mee with king prawns and spicy egg gravy with vegies.

    dinner was aunty D's treat.

    came back and watched the voice and organized my room a little bit. now, i am prepared to go to bed anytime soon. haha

    its chilly and so nice to sleep under the quilt right now. haha!

    goodnight peopleeeee!

    love my cover photo on facebook. ♥♥
    so many pictures of us that i really loved are mostly credits to yao yun. this is no exception. love this!

    much love,

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