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  1. Gold Coast DAY 3, 4 & 5!

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    i am finally back home. back to my quiet room. been seeing teck wei for like over a week plus every single day... feels kinda like there something just missing around me.. ): brightside.. weekends always comes by very quickly =D

    so here is the rest of the gold coast trip update!

    DAY 3,

    started the day by going for breakfast at 830 in the morning. breakfast was at broadbeach again. there are so many cafes there that we just walked randomly into one.

    on the way out to the bus stop.

    my breakfast special. $11

    dear's big breakfast. $18 not much difference with mine. his was so not worth the price.

    compared to this he had in the cafe we went to the day before, and for $20 is a huge difference..!

    the only thing nice about the cafe we went to that morning was the bread. the bread was awesome! hahaha

    after breakfast only i realised i forgot the theme park ticket. i forgot both mine and teck wei's. so he temaned me back to the hotel to get it. while the rest went ahead to Seaworld.

    Sea World! =D

    basically only me, dear, yao yun and audrey were together the whole time.

    the spongebob parade.

    during the parade. haha which we left halfway.

    we left halfway and visited the nicklelodeon shop.

    spongebob and patrick! (((: i left the shop with a spongebob towel and a keychain. haha

    went to see the penguins! so so cuteeee! they almost look so fake.. haha

    fascinated just by looking at them.

    then we went on a short mini cable car ride.

    he was so scared but still managed to put on a smile. loveee this picture! <3

    in seaworld they have the patting dolphin area. but have to pay extra la. but so cool!

    bought a snocone. hehe lemonade and blueberry flavour i think?

    waited for time to take pictures with spongebob and patrick. haha

    i wasn't looking at the camera... ))):

    after the picture taking we went for the dolphin show. the last show for the day for us. we left close to 4pm. went back to the hotel and rested awhile. cause it was like a super damn hot day and we desperately needed to rest. but yet, us three being girls..... we decided to go to surfers paradise for shopping before our dinner at 730pm. geng right we all! my feet was literally killing me but yet i could still go out to shop! HAHA! teck wei stayed back in the hotel for his nap.

    i bought a dress from cotton on. a dress that me, yao yun, audrey and wei ping has the exact same ones in different colours. haha

    then we took a bus to broadbeach for our dinner. our steak dinner!

    at Moo Moo.

    the lightings in the restaurant is impossible for us to have a proper coloured picture of anything. but these are the try my best to capture the moment pictures.


    our starter. smoked salmon on bread with cream cheese i think? it was free. hahaha

    dear's 300g medium wagyu rump. $50.50 i think?

    my 200g flat iron. $54

    our share sides with yao yun and audrey. mac and cheese and shoestrings truffle and parmesan fries.

    dinner came to about $58 for me. my most expensive meal ever! like seriously most expensive ever in australia!!

    after dinner, five of us, me, teck wei, yao yun, wei ping and wei bing decided to go to the casino.

    jupiters casino.

    which i lost $20 on casino war!!! ))): i damn sad... my money gone... ))): i won $10 the first round and lost all $30 in the next three rounds.. ))): emo emooooooo.. hahah

    got back to the hotel before 12am and i straight away died on the bed. was super damn tired till i didn't even have to strength to help dear with the laundry. hehehe

    DAY 4,

    its Wet n Wild day!! only four of us went. me, dear, yao yun and audrey. wei ping and wei bing wanted to go but the night before wei ping cut her feet so it was better not to go for her cause scared of the infections. so yeaa it was just us 4.

    packed in the morning and didn't have any breakfast. left the hotel about 930am and hopped on to the bus and off we went to wet n wild!

    had breakfast in the theme park itself then got ourselves a locker.

    picture time!

    after that was locking it all away in the locker and off we went for our rides. which i must say we did almost half of them. quite proud! HEHE

    then it was lunch time. phones out for pictures!

    my chilli cheese fries for lunch. haha

    before lunch we went for this awesome ride. the tornado. basically it is a steep fall then you swirl up and down till you slowly flow out the hole at the end of it. awesome!!

    if.. IF i would have went on the aqua loop then that would be the best but i didn't go for the aqua loop cause i chicken again. sooo.. tornado was the best for me!

    the aqua loop is basically a 4 or 5 storey high slide that requires you to stand in a capsule at the start of it. then..... whatever you're standing on at the bottom of your feet opens and you just drop straight into the slide! how awesome does that sounds right???? and i damn freaking chicken i don't dare sit.

    now that i am thinking back, I SHOULD HAVE SAT!!!! I SHOULD HAVE SAT SUPERMAN TOO!! sigh.... ))): regretting....! tho i am pretty sure i'll just chicken out again when i am there. so yea... =/

    but anyhow i totally enjoyed the day. the river relax ride that we went for 3 rounds, the tornado, the racer, the river rapid, the wave pool and another ride which i forgotten the name.. they were all awesome!!

    last batch of pictures before we dried ourselves and left.

    audrey and me.

    loy and me.

    yao yun and audrey with their spongebob towels which i bought one too! 3 for $20. so cute right!

    bye bye wet and wild!! =DDDD totally enjoyed the day so much!

    left at about 5pm? went back to the hotel to shower cause i don't want to shower at wet n wild. all of us didn't want to. so yea.. at first on the way back, i made reservations for the groove train for dinner.

    but... after we got ready and got on to the bus to surfers paradise, we changed our minds. we are going to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner instead!

    pictures while waiting for our table. hehe =D

    audrey and yao yun (:

    miss zoe loy =D
    but for that night she was a louie.. thats what the waiter heard instead of zoe. haha!

    me and dear!

    one jumbo combo to share between me, teck wei and yao yun.

    the baked potato skin was damn sinful but damn niceeeeee! it was filled with cheese!

    the buffalo wings also quite nice. its been awhile since i had this. i used to always eat this at chillis. haha

    my legendary burger!

    teck wei's tasmanian salmon.

    yao yun's mediterranean prawn linguine.

    audrey's dual combo. pork ribs and chicken. with added mushrooms as sides.

    lingered around at the hard rock store downstairs cause we were given souvenirs for free. it is jus a rubber wrist band thingy. and also i bought some button badges. i really really like their pins but so so expensive ))): i am sure to get it the next time i stumbled onto another hard rock cafe!

    went back to the hotel after dinner.

    and had our wine session.

    chris and evon went to a winery earlier that day and bought this bottle of wine back. it was so sweet. nice to drink! but after that slightly more than half a cup, i could fall asleep anytime from then already.

    went back up to our room and changed and slept straight. hehe

    DAY 5, final day.... )):

    woke up at 915am cause yao yun was on her way out to dreamworld and also checked with the reception downstairs that our checkout was at 10am. so we are left with 45 minutes to pack and clean things! hahaha!

    our room checked out 15 minutes late but it was alright. hehehe

    then went over to surfers paradise because we are going to the same japanese place for lunch for their SALMON BELLY!! apparently it is damn awesome so... even if it is 3 times in 5 days, we still had to go! and we had to be there first thing when the shop opens. so yea... we were at surfers paradise at 1030am.

    walked around. shopping!! we thought the shop opens at 11am but actually it opens at 12pm so we had another hour to go shopping around! i bought a chiffon top from supre and also did an airbrush tattoo.

    this is dear's pai kia tattoo! i am encouraging him to get a tattoo. haha! cause i think it looks super yeng on him! hehe bigger better! on his chest even better! hehehe

    while waiting for lunch... i took pictures of his new stuffs!

    the stainless steel ring i got him (:

    and this is his baby. hard rock zippo lighter! looks damn niceee.. hahah! his half birthday present from me. cause i only paid half. haha!

    and lunch is served!

    unagi set.

    the salmon belly!! the long awaited one... me and dear shared this and the unagi set (((:

    we had three plates for the table!

    and it was AWESOME!! like seriously so so niceeeeee! it was worth coming back for (: $22 for that big plate you know... orgasm in the mouth when dipped into wasabi! yumssssss =DD

    there was this bunch of huge dogs outside the restaurant. they so guai let us pat. haha

    after lunch was shopping at harbour town. that was till about 530pm. shopping was not too bad ((: hehe then hopped back onto a bus and got back to our hotel cause we left our luggages there for storage and thats also where our taxi is gonna pick us up to the airport.

    yao yun reached back about 630pm? the taxi was scheduled for at 7pm. and thats it! off we went to the airport!

    so so sad... ): our trip was over! )):

    had our dinner in the airport and flew off at 915pm.

    landed back in melbourne at 1105pm? we were half an hour earlier than estimated time of arrival okay.... the flight was scarily fast! like literally feeling the speed of the plane. even landing was bad...

    aunty D came to pick me and teck wei back to my place. and he crashed with me for the night. still had time to squeeze in american pie before sleeping. hahaha


    my shopping haul..

    batman top for mum. i went crazy at movie world tshirt for myself. and the bugs bunny tshirt for cousin's soon to be son! i know its abit big but he'll eventually fit into it. haha

    movie world goodie bag. bugs bunny mug. movie world pin and magnet. hard rock button badge and magnet. S keychain. anklet. two bracelets. the magnets are for mum. ((: and also a spongebob towel which is currently drying. hah!

    two forever new green top. one chiffon one body suit. one jay jays diagonal stripe tank. one long burgundy chiffon maxi dress from cotton on. and one electric blue chiffon tank with a tail from supre.

    my butterfly airbrushed tattoo on my neck. which only lasted for one day.. )):

    if i were to get a tattoo, it will be at the back of my neck, or on the back lower than my shoulders or on my feet. i so wanna get one! hehehehe

    Shereena & Teck wei
    Gold Coast-Movie World-04/12
    wearing this as a long pendant. =D its a dogtag ahah


    thats it! end of my easter trip to the gold coast! ))): at least we had good weather all 5 days. i am thankful! and it was so so fun!! =DDD

    now back to classes.. ))): sho sho saddddd!

    okay.. i shall now take a break and clean up my room a little bit and unload my laundry. so tiring after uploading 85 pictures and writing this whole post. haha

    till next time!

    lots of love,

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