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  1. maggi goreng dan teh o ais limau satu!

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    maggi goreng;

    sooner or later i had to learn my most missed mamak food. =D and i am quite proud of how it tasted. ((((:

    was suppose to cook mee goreng instead but i forgot to get ingredients and it was raining the whole day so i'd rather not spend my time walking in the rain anymore just to get a couple of things from the supermarket.

    and yes, it had been raining the whole damn day! it's spring and it is a 4 degrees night. tell me about it.... but the cold is fun! :DDD

    soo.. back to my maggi goreng..

    the ingredients.

    i didn't use any of those seasoning powder, instead i made my own seasoning sauce. which was dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, fish sauce, sugar, salt, light soy sauce, pepper and chilli sauce. i had no chilli sauce so i used nando's hot peri peri sauce instead. ahhaha... that's call improvising. (: just keep adding and trying along the way...

    i boiled and drained four packets of instant noodles to cook. and i ate half from what i had in the wok. so yea... still got half in the fridge for my lunch tomorrow. :D

    cooking is fun laaa... but one thing, i am so slow at it. that shows how inexperienced i am.. aunt manage to prepare and cook a meal in half an hour which is things like curry or something fancy.. i took almost 45 mins just for the maggi goreng.

    i took my own sweet time preparing the ingredients. the cooking time only took me like 15 minutes. which is slow still... haha

    watching criminal minds is so scary. those killers are seriously psychopath.... like seriously creep my out...!

    okayy... i need to work on my business subject's report already. needa do market research and all that crap.... and also LAN principles stuff... so not fun lo.

    came across this last night..

    i couldn't agree more!

    this has been going in the conversation i have with any guy friend. along the years, there are so many example of people we talk about and fits in the category. (:

    oh and today.. i received a news. i guess i might be happy about it after all..

    prolly resume to more criminal minds and then sleep and wake up tomorrow and do my work. i am just too lazy to start anything tonight.

    yes, i procrastinate. and yes, i know it is bad.




    music addiction : The Verve Pipe - Freshman

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