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  1. the pieces don't fit here anymore.

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    went to uni for lecture today then realise i needed to go walk around the city. technically i didn't walk around the city but just went to spencer street fashion station. haha.

    one fine day it was today. (:

    just browse through stuff. noticing whats on sale and all that. i was so close to buying a wallet but then realise that i am going to hong kong, i'll have my major shopping spree there! :D

    but bought myself a rayban wayfarer look-a-like. hehe (:

    the real one is too expensive and i am more interested in a real pair of aviators instead. so yea... :DD

    everything was going just fine until something happened. i was walking only halfway through the place and i instantly felt out of place. i just walked straight out and caught a train and got home.

    until this point right now, it is crappy. really really crappy. not only i feel helpless, i feel really bad. it isn't cold and i am having goosebumps all over. it is one miserable feeling right now.

    and don't think i'll be sleeping anytime soon. got a report to finish up and i got a test tomorrow.

    things are really not working my way. when i had my guards down this comes along. i thought things was alright. at least most of the stuff. but clearly nothing is and i am just knowing this now.

    way to go with ever thought things was getting better already... :D


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