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  1. ola!

    i have like a million more stuff to do and i am no where near halfway there...

    today was nothing but a boring sunday. sleeping at 3am, waking up at 1pm, leftover pasta for lunch, business report writing, criminal minds, instant noodle for dinner, boring x factor performances tonight and lastly.. business report writing again..

    i have so much to write about. just cause i have like a tonnes of stuff going through my mind. don't get me wrong, this isn't something emo but just thoughts and perceptions i have on people recently..

    you know... knowing a person for quite a while not yet still shaking heads to their behaviour eventhough knowing since way before that they were like that? so much stuffs about them that you never ever agree of yet somehow still capable of calling each other friends? maybe even having gossips behind their backs and just wondering how much you will not like them if at the start you weren't even friends?

    sometimes to just shut it all up.. usually tend to come up with this side of sarcasm towards them and eventually for the day, they would leave you alone.

    people can really amaze you. the differences and the varieties.. fun and amusing and annoying but yet makes you wonder how much of all that is ever genuine.. because the level of fakeness seems to be spiking up most the time.

    has it ever occur that in a conversation, you were meant to reply with this honest thoughts you have but just somehow hit backspace all the way and just send a "haha okay" instead just cause most likely what you were about to say seems like not what a friend would say so you chicken out?

    sometimes i question what friends are or how should they even be like? if i were to say out every single thought i have about a friend right to their faces, even close friends, i am pretty sure the friendship will be strained just then.

    photo credit to Ifty Amin

    just a word of thought tho.

    right now i am missing a couple of friends. but yet most of them are friends that i would hardly talk to through the net unless we were seated side by side to talk. particularly they are half way across the globe.

    and some that i do talk to most of the time through the net or even a text, they are too busy with their lives to go on with whatever we usually talk about.

    so, friendships, how much is there to question?

    i'd wonder. =D


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