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  1. today was just one word. AWESOME!!

    tho i was feeling so horrible this morning before i went to bed, and slept at 5am, thankfully i dragged myself out of bed at 11am just cause i have to go out and meet up with the rest today.

    i haven't been seeing celine in a month now and loong too for quite a while and cherly and jia shen for a week already.

    but then cherly and jia shen couldn't make it. so yea. just us three.

    loong was volunteering for some malaysian event so he was only gonna meet us halfway through to st kilda. so i met up with celine in melbourne central.

    then walked to bourke street with the thought of taking the tram and head over to st kilda but we got distracted at david jones for quite some time.

    was fascinated by the fascinators for the spring carnival. (: i bought 4 somemore. later.. it'll be posted up in a while.

    ended up taking the tram only at 1.45pm when we met up in melbourne central at 12.40pm. hahaha!

    then met up with loong halfway and took the tram together and off we went to acland street, st kilda. :DDD

    first stop, Rococo for lunch!! was so hungry by then...

    my companies today! *loves*

    char grilled chicken pizza.

    MY FAVOURITE char grilled seafood pizza!!! (((:

    glad they enjoyed the food. i know i surely did enjoy it. :D $14.50 per person.

    second stop, trampoline for gelati!

    shared the monster cup. 4 flavours. $2.30 each person.

    third stop, sitting on the grass eating gelati... and we were the only asian sitting there with a whole lots of other ang mohs.

    great weather today! altho its abit hot to my liking. but it was a good weather to be out.

    fourth stop, the st kilda bath house for toilet. hahaha!

    there was this bar/cafe thing and there was this live band playing. i feel so aussie there. i lovee the environment. they were mostly eating nice food, sipping cold beer and listening to live band. they look like damn syiok laaaa!

    fifth stop, beach and the walk along the pier and penguin searching. (:

    going further into the water. it was freezing cold! but DAMN NICE!!! (:

    we were acting like tourists today. (:

    i seriously loved the beach today! like really LOVED IT! its like for once in a long time that i felt i was really on a foreign land which i love. its so western.

    cafes, dogs, topless guys with hot bodies, sun, beach, friends along with, PERFECT! now this i life... ((:

    then off we left. left about 5.45pm. suppose to then leave for home but the train was delayed and i would miss my bus at essendon anyhow so i stayed in the city till the next train and then take the next bus.

    loong temaned me to safeway and celine left to meet up with her friend. went safeway and cloes and bought somemore chips. then just stood infront of the train station and talk with him.

    left loong and took the 7.14pm train. was home by 7.45pm and watched X factor. (:

    and also made dinner. which is so unhealthy but just cause aunty D left a very ripe avocado on the table and i thought might as well eat it up. thus...

    making guacamole for nachos with melted cheese on top. ((: hmm.. but don't look nice here tho.. =/

    soo.. today was just what i needed after a long night last night. in fact what i needed for whatever purpose la. funnnnn! (:

    oh oh and my fascinators. (: $5 and i bought 4 of them.

    the red ones are just mainly for spring carnival purpose where as the other two blue ones can be any dinner hair accessories too.

    i saved a massive 91%. if not the total of the original prices of the fascinators are $230. so expensive right?! two was for $50, one was for $70 and another one was for $60 initially..

    i guess now i should really go to the melbourne cup since i bought the fascinators already... hahah! see la.. i think i should. get celine to go with me. (:

    aiyoyo now 3 hours difference already. no fun la this one...

    okay la... i am off to watching vampire diaries and bones and then read up my case study and go to sleep!


    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw

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