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    Saturday, October 02, 2010

    woke up about 9 ish close to 10am and did laundry. listen to songs and singing to it while i was home alone. then it was like 11am already. aunty D came back from somewhere she went and then took the clothes out to shine and got ready then went out to DFO. (:

    was there till about 3 something in the afternoon okay. :D HAH!

    came home temaned aunty D, had dinner and was watching tv and all that and then it was time for aunty D to get to the airport.

    so now i am home alone tonight. not really alone. sparky is sleeping in her doggy bed downstairs. (:

    knowing me, i won't go to DFO and get nothing one lo. well i will la once in a while but it usually be very rare. haha (:

    $10 top and $20 bottom. both courtesy of esprit. (:

    and went to change a different polo size and colour for qihong.

    because of the exchange i was served by this hot aussie! (((: now only i noticed that polo in essendon DFO, the sales guys are hot!! well... i've seen two la so far. there is this italian guy and this dood!

    hot! with the switzerland white polo. and he asked for my name and address. hehehe i'd wish is for his purpose but nola no such thing. it was for the mailing list. and i got a goodbye shereena from him. (((:


    damn laa... the daylight saving time is starting at 2am later. the supposingly 2am would be 3am. means i'll have one hour less of sleep tonight. and 3 hours difference with malaysia time. great la... just great...

    add on another reason for it being a not so good night tonight.

    tomorrow would hopefully be a good day. i am meeting up with the rest which i haven't been catching up with in a while already.

    looking forward to something good. (:


    music addiction : Little Houses - Amanda Seyfried (LOVES!)

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