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  1. learnt how to braid the fish tail braid. (((:

    went to uni today. just uni and home.

    next wednesday i am sorta having my first two final test. super stress right now. like super duper stress.

    and i just bought plant vs zombies on my iphone. OMG the world is changing. i am actually buying games! :D that's cause it is for $1.19 only. might as well... since it is supposingly to be nice? yes? that's what i heard tho.. haha

    now i gonna take the night off and watch some show and then sleep. tomorrow gotta wake up early and go back to uni to do presentation report and slides.

    which is gonna be this major presentation infront of like a whole lecture theatre full of people on the 8th of november. god help me!

    brightside, home in a month! :DDD uberrrr happy even thinking about it. i can foresee what i am gonna do everyday already. sleep late, wake up late, lunch, nap, dinner, yumcha. lunch means shopping with movie and food or something. YAY!

    we shall see..

    talking about going home lightens me up eventhough i am like super stress right now. hehe :DDD

    okay going to watch show now and sleep. if not i will like some zombie again tomorrow as i already am today.

    nights. (((:

    lovey dovey,

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