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    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    hi hi! (:

    today was nothing out of the ordinary. waking up at 2pm, doing laundry, writing reports, watching criminal minds, x factor on tele, reheating leftover pasta.

    slept at 4am this morning. skyped with tim who is in the uk for over an hour. watched criminal minds and felt tired out of a sudden so went to bed. did my almost-routine last text and slept.

    the weekends are over. week and week time has been passing by so quick. almost as if i can't keep up with the pace. these two weeks would be crucial and then the finals would be just around the corner which is even more intimidating. but the brightside, home.

    family gatherings, favourite food, friends, trips, hong kong, driving around. i am actually really looking forward to be back again.

    i don't call this being homesick. i am just looking forward to my holidays. (:

    life here is alright. nothing i can complain much about but it is just lacking of one thing. maybe in this remaining two and a half years i have to go in uni, i might find that one thing which i am still behind of. then life here would be more than just alright. :D

    my legs are getting itchy. i haven't been out for retail therapy in like a long time now. even if i don't buy anything, just to go out and check out the new styles around would be good enough. but i haven't been seeing the city for like 2 weeks now. and thats long okay...

    i am city freak. pretty sure i'll never survive in retiring to a countryside.

    i love the hustling and bustling of the city. i love the lights. the differences of people you see even if they are unfriendly people and workaholics or homeless strays or some jerk or a weird lady who curse and swears over a her phone or whatever.. i love the city.

    doesn't mean i have to live in one. but at least have close access to. preferably within driving range as i love driving around town or to be driven around town. (: minus traffic jams alone. traffic jams with people in the car, i don't mind being the driver.

    and i think my idea of a relaxing vacation isn't like a waking up to a sea view or some isolated island or hearing the water or the birds chirping or whatever like that...

    mine will definitely be somewhere with buildings and people and street markets and historic looking cafes or restaurants and all that.

    doesn't have to be a city but yea. i am picturing the buildings of a place in europe in my mind right now. santorini, greece to be exact.

    i am thinking about the perfect vacation when i haven't even finish my second year of degree. haha.. talking about thinking ahead huh? (((:

    shall think about going to bed now. tomorrow back to classes. =/

    sher xoxo.

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