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    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    my hair is getting kinda long.

    i still remember when chopped it short after form 5. i still have that thought of cutting it short though alot said i don't suit it. but yet i am loving this length also. hahaha

    still thinking about what i wanna do with it when i get back. for sure i'll straighten it. its like a yearly thing now that i don't think i will stop from. but maybe thinking of waving it up also. shall see...

    went to uni today and forgot to bring my phones. i started coming up with thoughts that what if something happens and i don't have any coins in my wallet and i don't know where is the nearest phone booth also. thankfully i was home fine and slept..

    was quite tired considering only sleeping at 3.30 this morning.

    i still have work to do but i managed to like squeeze in watching gossip girl and 90210's latest episode.

    have i mention how charming i find the character Chuck Bass is? and i like him with Blair eventhough their both sick and twisted somehow. but yet they somehow make this perfect couple...

    gossip girl isn't my favourite drama. but somehow i still find myself continue watching it every week. cause i find its plot going round and round the same old thing but this season seem to be slightly different. there is some suspense that i wanna know of.. haha

    and and i managed to cook dinner in 20 minutes. hahaha! first time. (:

    chow mien. :DD

    ate while watching iron chef australia. eventhough i was like super full from the noodles i ate, watching iron chef makes me hungry somemore. haha... it all looked so yummy la!

    this was yesterday's dinner cooked by julian.

    penne bolognese.

    i think i am never gonna be cooking anymore fancy dinner until i get back to malaysia. not that i've cooked anything fancy but fancy to me means everything else but instant noodles. haha!

    cause aunty D is coming back already. in fact she'll be home in an hour or so. (:

    i am missing her cooking. hehe

    okla i shall continue my work and maybe sleep after saying hi to aunty D and wake up early and do more work. nights ya'll!


    still am not feeling alright. but i guess there is progress. considering it doesn't feel as bad as yesterday but still not good enough.

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