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    Friday, October 01, 2010

    hey hey!

    so finally programming assignment is done!! over and i don't have to do it anymore. might prolly be the last programming assignment that i ever need to do. and frankly, i am happy about it. it works and all that. so happy!!

    programming assignment this semester doesn't seem as hard as last semester tho. or maybe is because i really had alot of help? maybe la. ((: but yea all good!!

    before coming home today went groceries shopping with aunty D since she is leaving tomorrow night so she was asking what stuffs i want to stock up and all that.

    bought quite a number of things. one of it...

    3 for $5 smiths chips!! yum yum!! trying out some new flavours.

    thinking of going to get another 3 packets on sunday.. ((: stock it up. surely have another packet or two of salt and vinegar... ((: and most prolly finish it all by the end of next week knowing that i could never keep chips for very long one. buy already must eat. :D

    oh and my $5 polka dottie skirt from cotton on. (:

    aunty D is leaving back to malaysia already tomorrow. need to manage meals by myself. hmm.. i already have my cooking mood on. lets see what i'll cook la.. (:

    tomorrow will be out shopping with aunty D. so yea. DFO here i come. (:

    there shouldn't be much people around cause the footy finals is going on tomorrow. good thing!

    now i shall watch the 90210 and one tree hill episodes while munching chips. niteeees!

    much love,

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