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  1. today... tiring day. supposingly to be free from classes but had to go to uni and finish up my programming assignment.

    well... i had a great sleep last night tho. for like 11 hours. from 11pm till 10am. gooooood! but now i am still tired. haha

    left for uni about 10.45am. reached there at 11.45am. went to the library to check out a book that i need to borrow and the atrium area was having some event. apparently it was Queer day which explains why that i saw this guy looking like a girl with blonde hair, dress and high white boots. (:

    then stayed at the help desk room from 12.30pm till 5.30pm. just working on three stupid functions of my code. sien like shit.

    thank god james came to help me and i made a new friend, jason. (: well he is in my lab class but i didn't know his name before this. and he stayed with me till 5.30pm working on the codes. ((:

    i am loving programming this semester cause i don't feel so left out now. its like i could do it already!

    got home and ate dinner in like 5 minutes then had to go out with aunty D since she was going for meeting, she dropped me at highpoint and i went shopping! since there was VIP sales. things are reduced further. ((:

    was there till 11pm. sharp.

    just got home not long only. hmmm.. i have to leave for uni at 8am tomorrow but i don't feel like sleeping yet cause i wanna watch the new episodes of 90210, gossip girl and one tree hill which i just downloaded from uni today. (((:

    nola i am not gonna watch all of it. maybe just one. (:

    tho i have a lil more work on the programming assignment to do, hmm think i would do it in uni tomorrow. :D

    oh oh and this is what i got today. :DD

    all good bargains tho. $15 jeans, $8 shorts, skirt and top. (((:

    okla better get onto one episode of show and then to bed. nite nite!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : The Voice Within - Christina Aguilera

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