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  1. Mousetrap Heart. (:

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    wheeee.... :DDD

    omg man my holiday is coming to an end very very soon! its already saturday in like an hour! NOOOOO.....!

    what did i do this holiday? watch show, reading LAN Principles, eat, sleep and uni. omg so sien!

    i just found out today that my internet quota for off peak is used up as well.... no more series download for me for one week.. sigh. how could ju do this to me..... ))): my shows laaaa!

    so today was just me going to uni for group discussion the stayed back till like 3pm and came home. nothing much also la.

    nowadays i also don't know what to blog about anymore. feels like i am losing the mood to blog everyday already. sigh =/

    omg programming assignment due next friday.. gonna die already this coming week. i can foresee how super stress i'll be.. sigh sigh..

    now prolly i'll watch a movie and then go to bed. nitee la!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : Thirsty Merc - All My Life (AWESOME!!)

    p/s: sorry that it feels so forceful now for me to actually post something up. i needa be out more so that will have more fruitful posts.

    pp/s: lets hope you and i can keep this up. despite all of that thoughts that you have till bothers you so much, at least there is some talking going on with us. going with the way it is. which is good and rare from me. :D

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