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    Friday, September 10, 2010

    these nights i really have trouble sleeping well... been waking up every 2 hours. when i am feeling disturbed in my mind, this tends to happen. =/

    uni started at 9.30am this morning so had to leave at like 8am. and then bought myself mcd breakkie since i was there early and i had a sudden craving for it. :D

    classes ended at 1.30pm and off i went to ikea. took a new route there tho. and it is like so near my uni. i think it only took me 20 minutes to get there with the trams.

    i was there till like 4pm. taking my own sweet time walking around then browsing around kmart too.

    and i came home with this.

    cost me only $10. okla don't convert. in ikea i saw one with roughly the same size for $20 okay..

    and all my scarves are in it already. i am planning to get another one more tomorrow to stack it on top. :D

    at first there was only a pink one and i insisted on the lady to check if there was another colour. didn't want to have a pink thing in my room. (: and i thought of getting a frame, a huge one to make a collage of my photos. maybe getting them tomorrow. :D

    continued on with our family wedding after i got home. cause last night i was watching 30 minutes then i decided to go to bed cause i wasn't feeling right..


    made me laugh which is what i needed. nice. (:

    had leftover carbonara for dinner. aunt is going back to malaysia soon for 3 weeks and i really need to brush up those cooking skills. if not, i think i'll have trouble surviving 3 weeks by my own.

    i guess pasta would be most of my dinner in that 3 weeks. it is easy to make! (:

    just finish watching the vampire diaries season premiere. love it!! i am so typical girl la when it comes to series and hot guys. :DDD

    tomorrow will be going back to uni to meet up with some group mates to prepare for our presentation and 4000 words report in the coming weeks. then go to ikea. and then maybe come home then dinner at pacific house with aunt, ju and relatives that came to visit from malaysia who is going back tomorrow night.

    pacific house... yum!!

    maybe i should sleep early tonight. hmm hmm... sign off first! nitee.

    oh and tim is leaving to the UK already in like two hours!! finally hit me today that i won't be seeing him when i am back end of this year. tho i've been away for like a year plus now, but the idea of going back and not seeing him feels different. i know i'll miss him alot..

    good luck man over there! all the best. (:

    a cover.

    much love,

    music addiction : Ironik ft Jessica Lowndes - Falling in Love *love Jessica's voice!! :) and i find her really pretty too!

    i really do think it is time for me to pull myself back from this. there isn't a point anyways. you'll always be caught up in it and i don't think that would be changing anytime soon. so whats the point of me holding on right?

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