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  1. the attitude, thats the way babeh!

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    my hair is like getting really long already...

    i got no fruitful outings to blog about la. apart from me feeling alright now over what happened and the today's test went crappy... hmm nothing much?

    i've just been catching up on season premieres lately. ONE TREE HILL!! Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Gossip Girl too.

    and watched Leap Year.

    FUNNY! and sweeeeet! i like it.

    it is a chick flick la. so i like it. i rarely not like a chick flick movie unless the plot is like really stupid. but this, it is like a fairytale la. going on a holiday and falling in love with a stranger. so cute!

    tomorrow is my day off. i thought of going out and walk around la. i don't feel like staying at home. but first had to wake up and do laundry then see where i wanna go. maybe go to highpoint. :D

    oh damn i am hungry now..... =/

    it took me 2 and a half hours just to post this super short thing up. i don't know what i was doing and time just pass like damn fast lo...

    i love acapella covers. so unique and cool!

    this is guy is just so talented. plus now on facebook everyone is going high on jason chen. but yea i admit he can sing and i have a couple of his songs in my itunes library. hehe.

    what am i doing man? it is already 2.30am.... okla should start going to bed and then wake up early for laundry.

    and race julian to the piece of chicken snitzel in the fridge cause its really nice and i want it for my breakkie! thats cause he likes it too.. hahaha! i am so hungry right now laaaa!

    kthanksbai. (:


    music addiction : The Daylights - Happy

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