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  1. feeling some joy... ((:

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    i have a test tomorrow and i am smilling like some weirdo infront of my laptop right now. (((: i am not quite sure what has got into me. really... life has been pretty smiley these two days. :DDD

    life is just sweet with musics. (: shhhhwitt!

    i am so looking forward to thursday. by then tests would be over and i have a day off and i just wanna go out somewhere and walk around even if it was just to walking on the streets and admiring the sense of style or the cute hot white boys.. :D

    and next week will be my week off. BUT i have to most probably go back uni all the time and work on my programming assignment. at least i do have a week off. good enough... ((:

    75 days till i am home. oh so nice. 2 months and 14 days. oh so cool! :D

    wanna go to hong kong end of this year badly. like badly! i am seeing the green light already just waiting for things to get accelerated. i shall wait and wait patiently... love my mum!

    watched the X factor on tv just now. natalie imbruglia is pretty! and those people, some of them could really sing. the girls especially.. from now on, i shall catch up with it like every single of episode.

    and omg, i finished four packets of chips in like a week!

    chips are bad enough yet i dip them with the spring onion dip still.. OH-MY-GOD! but niceeee....!!

    when the days gets longer i would start going jogging again. but first need new pair of running shoes. awww... i miss my air max!! )):


    *and i just found out Nike Factory Outlet on smith street is having a 40% sale this friday till sunday!! i am so going on friday after my classes... ((((: pretty damn sure it would burn a hole in my wallet... :DD*

    i think i should resume to my case study analysis rather than going high on blogging and songs on my itunes and moving all the way with the music while sitting on my turnable chair.. (:

    bye ya'll!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    music addiction : If It's Love - Train

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