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    Saturday, September 04, 2010

    woke up at 10am this morning and slept like 3am this morning. ughh so tired lo but was going out with aunty D and the visitors, daniel and pauline.

    around 11 plus, got in the car and went down to vic market.

    first stop was to churros! spanish doughnuts! ((((: it is one of them on my craving food list here is melbourne... :DDD

    love them! $6 for 7.

    then just went walking around aisle by aisle which i was having my eyes on some stuffs. (: and lunch was at rose garden.

    i finally had my chicken ribs. :DDDD fulfilled two food cravings today! =P

    then the sun came up for a bit so we went over docklands. and was just plain walking around. went into levi's and i was so close to get myself a pair of jeans for $40 but i didn't la. figured i shouldn't get the same coloured jeans which i already had just that it wasn't levis.

    walked towards the waterfront.

    and then had ice cream. nuts about chocolates. (: with a super windy weather and rain. HAHA!

    walked around the whole place then left for home. and took away two large pizza from la porchetta for dinner. and had like 3 glasses of moscato wine and a glas of port. i was all red up! like red red!

    looked so awful... infront of ju somemore.. :S HAHAH!

    i like the military-ish style. the buttons! tho i am not a big fan of gold but i had no choice. maybe one day i'll go button shopping and get myself some silver ones and change them. :D

    i hate hate hate this. one day without any talks i feel so different. i am checking my phone every half and hour. why do this to me? i already tired of making initiatives. maybe i'll just let it go just like that.

    but i always talk talk and say say but never seem to do it one. say let go.. but deep down pretty sure i couldn't.. screw this stupid unwanted annoying feeling i have. and all because of just one thing. ))):


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