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    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    woke up at 8.30am this morning. left the house about 9.15am with aunty D to get over to her relative's place over at blackburn south. and was up at the dandedongs about 11 ish?

    first stop was the tesselar tulip's festival. (: sooooooo many people! tho i've been and all, thought teman aunty go again la. =P on the lighter note, i don't really have to spend on trips with people other than with friends tho. so why not right? HAHA!


    people everywhere!! seriously so so so many people over there today!!

    my first meal over there. $5 gourmet beef sausage. normal la. nothing special.

    some different breed of tulip. and yes the sides are naturally like that.

    the only few cherry blossoms which were bloomed on the tree..

    i wish there were more! i lovee them. one day might just travel to japan just for it and then shopping after that! HAHA ((:

    the fairy garden.

    cutee mushroom in the fairy garden. C:

    daffodil. (:


    my favourite of all at the tulip farm. the cherry blossom look-a-like pink tree!!

    yes i am at a tulip farm and tulips aren't my favourite there. loveeeeee the flowers man! if i continue staying on in australia after graduation, and have a house here, i want this tree in my garden!! :DD

    pretty colourful windmills. (:

    second meal. $3 dutch gourmet sausage with onions, curry ketchup and sweet mayo.

    there were two stinky alpacas there. smeellyyy.. XD

    about 2 something we left and my boots were soooo dusty and the weather was like so hot there. i felt like i was burning in the sun. i think i got a sunburn cause i was queueing up like so long for the dutch sausages. nooo...!


    second stop, pie in the sky at Olinda again! (:

    had tandori chicken this time.

    sorry for the very unappealing picture. XD but it tasted just normal tho. alot of gravy not much meat la...

    aunty D ta paoed back some pie too. i have the korma chicken waiting for me to eat tomorrow! hehe (((: that one is suppose to be good. :D

    third stop was the National Rhododendron Gardens again! (: the cherry blossom belum buka yet laaaaaa!! i wanna see cherry blossoms!! )):

    more picturessss again (: this time all the flowers from the garden. :D

    rhododendron flowers.

    this too. after all it is a rhododendron garden. (:

    this tree reminds me of a giant totoro! loong mao! ((:

    rhododendron flower buds. (:

    rhododendrons again (:

    some pretty daisy like wild flowers on the ground. :D


    summer sun.

    left about 4.30pm.

    then off to home. sent some of the relatives back to blackburn then was on our back to this side of town. from aunty D's house to blackburn south is a whole 45 minutes okay.... so not fun to travel so far lo. tho in malaysia i do travel that long to get to the other side of kl. HAHA!

    don't know why here it feels so long in the car, but in malaysia not one? (:

    last stop before home was to dinner at Laksa King with aunty D. ((((: YUMM!! was hoping we would go there for dinner since i haven't been since i got back to melbourne. new and clean and nice place they have now... compared to the old small tiny place.

    my fish fillet noodles. $11.20 (:

    you know yu tao mai fun? yea yea this is that. this is yu pin mai fun more like it. cause its fish fillets. there is the fish head ones on the menu but i prefer fillets. :D

    its nice. (: just that i think the soup isn't milky enough. but i still like it. alot alot of fish fillets tho! i think there was like 10 pieces in there. :DD

    then was to home and watch X factor (((: LOVE THAT SHOW! just cause i feel that there are quite alot of good singers. people can be such talented singers man. love sally chatfield's voice! amazingly gooooood! (:

    okay now i am going to bed. exhausted from today and tomorrow needa go back uni and do programming assignment first thing in the morning at the help desk.

    telling myself that nevermind shereena, nevermind. one week of stress only. very fast pass through! yeah baby! :D

    nitee peeps!


    music addiction : One - U2

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