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    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    $10 top which didn't have another one and this one had a tear. ):

    last night i couldn't blog cause the modem was switched off and i didn't dare to switch it on back as i know ju was the one who switched it off. so in the end i was in bed so early.

    no internet = sleep. ((:

    anyways nothing interesting happened yesterday also. apart from me going to uni and found out the help desk isn't running during the break and then went to docklands and then to dfo.

    which came back with this polo for qihong.

    ralph lauren okay... don't play play! (: and no i didn't get it for him but just help him to buy only.. not that nice yet to present him a ralph lauren. haha!

    slept till 12 something in the afternoon again today.

    had chicken pie for brunch. (:

    studied a little, watched a movie, cleaned the room and stoned awhile then it was time for dinner already. i can't believe how fast time is passing by. my spring break is coming to an end soon enough!!! ))): NO!

    now i am so lazy to study somemore or to do my assignment la. just waiting till it is 2am then i can start downloading my one tree hill new episode. hehe. and prolly wait till it downloads finish and then watch then go to bed. hehe

    i guess that's it la today.


    my wall. mind the smudge on the top left corner. something not known is posted there. (:

    with love,

    Love The Way You Lie

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