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  1. life just goes on don't matter what happens.

    I PASSED MY EXAM! 84% ((((: thank god for past year papers and answers. :D done with CCNA1 now gotta struggle through CCNA2. and the skills exams. now thats...):

    i guess 5 hours of sleep pays off?

    waking up at 4.30am and was like trying so hard to study and read through questions and also chatting with teck wei who wasn't even asleep yet and i am like awake for the day. at least he kept me accompanied till about 6 something close to 7am. (((: then off he went to bed.

    i am so sleepy right now laaa. its 9.35pm and i think i am going to bed latest 10.30pm. looking at my eyes in the mirror is kinda horrifying. my eye bags are like so heavy and dark circles so obvious.

    not that it wasn't there before this. but now i can like really see it so obvious. =/

    just finished watching the block on tv and season premiere of Bones! love love that show too. every single character in that show, love them! (: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel especially! :D

    tomorrow is my off day. means without classes. but needa go back uni to do my programming assignment and hopefully finish it by tomorrow. if not, i'll have some time on friday too. but its better to get it done tomorrow. since i think about 30% more to go. (:

    and should be going to Highpoint's vip sales tomorrow night. when aunty D is going out for meeting she'll drop me there and then i'll walk around myself first and she'll come and join me later.

    since its gonna be open until 11pm anyways. :DDD

    cause i told mum that i pass my exam and she was like "go treat yourself. on me". HEHE! shall treat myself with a little bit of retail therapy tomorrow. (((:

    okay now prolly go and get some sleep. i am feeling those heavy eye lids already.

    nitey nights!

    with love,

    music addiction : Tennessee Line - Daughtry (AWESOME!)

    p/s: i am dreading the 3 hours time difference coming up this sunday. 2 hours is already a barrier. 3 hours sucks even more. i know the days are longer and all that, but its just not fun la.

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