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  1. will try to make it be alright.

    Thursday, September 09, 2010

    haven't been properly updating my blog these days. didn't seem like it was the right mood to write something normal. (:

    woke up at 10.30am this morning. for the first time in a long time that i woke up without an alarm when i had a specific time to wake up.

    slept at 1 something this morning yet i woke up at 6 something and then 8 something, 9 something and lastly 10.30am i was awake. don't usually happen very much tho.

    those who knows me well enough, i love my sleep. i can sleep till like super late.

    things just doesn't seem right huh these days.

    watched an episode of ghost whisperer then had breakfast and then left the house around 12pm to get to DFO Essendon. had to go and check out ralph lauren. (:

    i basically like all of them. how nice if they are like $20 each. i would have got all of them. HAHA!

    but it was like $49 each. except the green one with the 3 at the back which was $69..))): the most expensive one happens to be the one i like the most.. aww how sadd.. ):

    i ended up taking the red one. i now have a big pony ralph lauren polo teeeeee... i have one small pony but yeaa.. :D

    just went walking around the place which wasn't anything much tho. left about 4pm and was home by 4.30pm.

    wrapped up the whole ghost whisperer series that i have. apparently they stopped producing it already or something.

    and yea i am done till the very last episode of season 5 already.

    now have to like really really focus on my tests next week. maths test and CCNA1 final test. i have to pass the CCNA1 if not i'll fail the entire subject... =/ but it is quite alright la. i have the base of it already cause i did network admin during summer term.

    tomorrow classes ends at 1.30pm. and i thought of dropping by ikea awhile cause i wanted to check some drawer storage thing. lets see if i could find something cheap and usable.. (:

    shall go off now. maybe even sleep early. tomorrow have to be out at 8am. nitee!

    The 8th letter.

    with love,

    music addiction : Jason Chen - Love The Way You Lie / Not Afraid Mashup

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