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    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    cheery me today. (((:

    soo.. today.. hmm woke up at 10.30am when i went to bed at 3am which i had no memory of what i was doing till that late but yea.. as usual, 7 and a half hours of sleep is never enough for me.

    now i am already feeling sleepy at 10pm. so unlike me.. think i'll be going to be by 11 plus.

    so so this morning woke up early just for the sake of laundry. yes yes 10.30 is early to meee... :D then had breakfast, shine my clothes, then left the house by 12pm.

    went to highpoint. went there ni first thing was going into this shop that sells cards and everything was like a dollar. damn alot of people inside. so i also went in and grab 6 cards. i think i was in there for like more than half and hour. cause people were like everywhere!

    whoever i am giving the card to, latest birthday is may next year. haha!

    a dollar a card. buy only la. i would have bought more but there really wasn't anything nice left already.

    then i went into an accessories shop and it was like 2 for $5...!

    my $2.50 ring.. ((:

    and then i went in another accessories shop. ahahaah! and it was like $5...! hence..

    the earrings.

    and the hairbands which i was looking all around for. the one with feathers on them. first i saw it in a youtube hair tutorial thing which i loved it already. then i saw it on jennifer love hewitt on ghost whisperer... wanted it even more.

    see see which i actually screenshot this picture supposingly to post it up here and ask who knows where i could find them but somehow i just forgot..

    and now, i found them! i bought two somemore. :DDD

    love it!!! (((:

    basically today's day out was fruitful la. i found something which i have been looking for, for a long long time...! the hairbands! *loves*

    then i went to moonee ponds' kmart to collect my photos and poster. which i ordered them for free!! damn niceeee!

    there is actually 50 pieces of photos in that stack.

    and this poster which is already on the wall... (((:

    a closer look of whats on it.

    my darling friends!! every single person in that poster means so much to me. well maybe one person isn't suppose to be in there but i couldn't find another better picture so yea.

    i got another free 50 photos and poster again!! this time i gonna do an individual shot ones with my dearest buddies! (:

    those photos i printed, i wanted to get a huge frame and have them all in it. i actually saw one in ikea and i didn't buy it the first time. second time i went back it was all gone!! regretting like shit now!! )): and it was only for like $10.... =/

    went to dfo awhile before i came home to check out the polo colours for qihong. for the first time i actually went to dfo and only went into ralph lauren the ciao already.. i was there barely like 5 minutes... haha!

    got home about 5pm then i was don't know doing what. and julian cooked dinner.

    pasta (:

    and that was like 6 something? i have no idea what i have been doing and its like 11pm already...

    hmm okla.. i think i should go and sleep. i am feeling sleepy already. tomorrow after class i'll be going to smith street's nike factory outlet.

    40% babeh!! (: off already reduced factory outlet prices okay..mind you... :DD

    only nike sale can get me so hyped up! (: and should be seeing cherly and jia shen tomorrow. nitee!!

    with love,

    music addiction : Cheap Trick - Downed

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