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  1. things are better. seriously. (:

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    there is always a brightside and a good day. always and without fail. (:

    was just at home the whole day today. studied for my tests.. so not fun having tests back to back one day to another... if it would have carried like 5% or something i wouldn't be this worked up.

    yet somehow managed to squeeze in time for Sex and The City 2. it makes me wanna go have a vacation at some unknown country with hot bods and nice view and great shopping and lovely hotel experiences with my already-declared-girlfriends!!

    listen up girls, one day we have to go. like seriously! even somewhere nearby. it'll be so cool and so fun lor...!! ((:

    and and just so you know.. bitch fights are so awesomely funny after it happens. not during but after when you read it all over again and think about it. HAHA! hell yea i am a bitch if i want to and when i need to. :D

    isn't Josh Duhamel so hot?! and Adam Brody so cutee? HAHAH! ((((: they would both be starring in the movie The Romantics alongside with Katie Holmes.

    wanna watch. just for the sake of the two boys. (:

    today i am utterly happy somehow. i don't know why also. i was so chatty to fei lin and taking everything with positives than negatives. very unlike me tho. but i kinda like this feeling! (:

    aww so true...!

    which i did. see see... i extracted, "wish you were here to talk to me". whatever that had to mean or otherwise, i don't care. i shall be happy and smiley for the reasons i think it is for. even if it is called a self proclaimed lie. ((:

    things are alright altho i am a little disappointed in a friend somehow but yet trying to understand the situation of the whole thing and convincing myself that there isn't anything to be slightly disappointed about because of me always saying how much i understand him. complicated much? yes. funny old friend? yes too.

    but nonetheless, things are pretty damn well! =D apart from my tests in the coming three days... =/

    aww.. okla i shall resume to some fashion blog hopping and then to bed. and somehow hoping i wouldn't be waken up from my sleep with calls from a scared someone from home but yet deep down, i know i am hoping for that call. HAHA! nitey night! ((:

    lots of love,

    music addiction : Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like A Woman

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